Which DLC is better?

There are so many cars that I like, but they need to be purchased with real money. And there are bundles and car passes that includes about every cars I need, but they are way expensive.

Does some of you have a recommendation of which DLC I should buy so I can expand the game? And which one of those is the best?

I liked Blizzard Mountain much more than Hot Wheels. But to each his own.

As far as the car packs go, I’d say they’re purely based on personal taste. However for the expansions, I’d say I care for The Bliz more than Hot Wheels. I have to admit, when I found out that the second expansion I pre-paid for was Hot Wheels, it wasn’t looking good from my perspective, lol. However when it debuted… I was rather surprised.

Over the first few months of racing on Hot Wheels Island, I came to enjoy it more and more. Now, it’s almost like a treat because I realized it deviates away from the normal, almost identical and predictable race-after-race of standard Horizon maps. I’ve come to appreciate those big loops and huge, vertical tracks up in the air more and more over time.

Blizzard Mountain deviates from standard Horizon as well, but for me not as much as Hot Wheels did. I recommend Blizzard over Hot Wheels likely because it holds more challenges that are in my taste. Slick, icy mountain paths and quick, sharp hairpin turns. I have a distinct linking for rally racing, so if you like rallying as well, go for Blizzard.

They both have their ups and downs, but it still honestly comes down to personal taste in both cars and challenges. Both expansions have speed traps, danger signs, and drift and speed zones. However the physical settings of each are much, much different. Thus, different setups and racing strategies are needed.

I personally like both about the same, but Blizzard definitely has the upper hand for me.

I too also prefer BM.