Should I get Blizzard Mountain?

I didn’t play Horizon 2, but have played Horizon 1, Motorsport 3, 4, 5, and 6… In my experience the expansions have not been extremely worth it for me. I only just got Horizon 3 and I really really like it, I just don’t want to waste my money if I get Blizzard Mountain. Thanks in advance.

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if you like FH3 you will probably like blizzard mountain. I personally is a fan of the motorsport series and didn’t like FH and FH2 that much but blizzard mountain was something for my likings. but im living in a country with snow 4-5 months of the year so I don’t know if that played a part but it probably did. my personal view is that they did a great job on blizzard mountain! I think I like it more than the actual game itself :slight_smile:


Blizzard mountain is cool my only fear is it will die like the expansion on fm6 have done. If it does it will be a waist of money but I have a strong feeling it will carry on with its initial success

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No one can answer that question for you, but you. However, BM is a lot of fun and it is money well spent. That’s my opinion.


if you like off road and rally racing, this pack is worth it very much

It’s my favorite Horizon racing experience thusfar and I’ve had 1, 2 (including Storm Island and Fast and Furious expansions) and of course, 3. It is SO well done and SO much fun IMO. I can’t get enough of it.

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Personally, I’m not all that happy with it due to:
Progression’s made with getting stars rather than XP which may force you to grind/do things you’re not a big fan of.
I played a race with the Reliant and got outrun on the straights by other Reliants, all I can think of is what “talking head” said; “You need snow tires”…as if they would have anything to do with straight line speed in anything other than very high HP machines. (I’m from Northern Sweden and I’ve had a driving license for 31 years…I know how winter roads work)

The good:
Drift the world of Blizzard mountain…but I personally don’t think it’s worth the money…Rally for Horizon, that was a well-worth the price expansion IMHO.

its an Arcade racing game. its nort dirt rally. what did you expect? im in the country next to you and didnt expect what you did by Your writings… :stuck_out_tongue: lol
Still a allot more fun than dirt rally With a controll.
With a Wheel its a different story…

if you want to have a good time not based on how long you’ve had a driving lisence it will be wourth the Money for shure :wink:

Although technicaly correct that IRL tire choice does not effect maximum straight line speed IRL it does effect acceleration before even considering that this is a game an thus creative licence is always used as to how realistic the game is and as snow tires in game are cheap strange you’d choose to not buy and use them other than perhaps for massaging the car class (and if using custom mods more may be at play than just tires regarding why other Reliants were faster than you)

A bit too short for my liking, if I’m completely honest.

It’s a good map, and a couple of good cars in it, but I’d personally suggest waiting for it to drop in price.

I love Blizzard Mountain, my favorite part is the far fewer number of civilian cars and drivatars but the snow and mountain are awesome.

It’s such a beautiful expansion.

If all my racing buddies had it I’d play it pretty much exclusively. $35 is a lot of money for some though, I only had to pay $25 since I had the ultimate edition (actually only paid $15 since I had $10 from bing rewards lol)

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yes, yes you should. Destroying snowmen and flipping your car down a huge mountain in a blizzard will make you happy

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It’s fun if you like off-road/rally. I just wish there was an expansion with tight section asphalt roads and mountain togue style.

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It’s really nice to look at. I live in Colorado, United States, and it’s snowing right now. My real life driving experience comes into play tuning and rolling around the hill.

I will say it’s totally worth it, unless the second expansion is MOTHERFETCHING Porsche.

Hey, send some of that snow down to Northern New Mexico. We need it!

If you don’t like driving or racing off-road then this pack is not for you. If you don’t mind and are looking for a challenge, then the pack is for you - don’t think, just go for it.

Thanks! I’m going to go pick it up pretty soon now … just need a tiny bit more work in my regular game before I get more stuff to do

It’s hands down the best expansion pack both Forza series combined have seen on XBox One.

If you like a winter theme and driving in the snow then by all means get it.


I am in the UK and would go with the above.
If you do not like the BM game play, well the cars are great as well in the main game, sorry Australia!!!

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I totally agree! It is very addictive for me. Even though I have complete 100% of Blizzard Mountain, I keep returning to do more and more Even just driving around is enjoyable for me.