Where is the NEW FM7 Online penalty Adjudication system T10 promised?

Maybe thks will be in that update coming this month

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I tried out leagues last night after a night of club racing. For some reason T10 thinks that a four lap race on Prague Short with a full field and full sim is a good idea. The first lap was an absolute wreck fest and I managed to avoid most of it till about halfway through the first lap. When slowing to avoid people bottlenecking and wrecking at the bridge, I got absolutely totaled from behind. Then a bunch of messages: “driveline damaged, steering damaged, bla bla damaged.” I was done and quit right out of that.


Crazy they haven’t implemented ANYTHING yet! Glad I don’t have to be frustrated by it anymore. Playing GT Sport last night, I was in first, last lap. Second place makes a hard dive inside, makes contact with me pushing me out off track. I recover but lose position. Finish second. Final standings come up and I’m in first with the guy that pushed me off in second with a 10sec time penalty. That’s great. It’s not a perfect system but it’s something, that’s always more than nothing👍




Quicker than coming into the forums and complaining:


Direct report from your Xbox to the Policy Enforcement Team (PET) for Unsporting behavior: The player didn’t show good sportsmanship.

Include a short description of the offensive. PET has the personnel and capabilities to track, observe and instantly ban not just from a single game, but Xbox Live.

That is not a solution. Preventative measures have to be built into the game itself for a real effect to be seen. This includes very simple changes like ghosting backmarkers. Relying on the PET for this clearly has had little effect on the cleanliness of these hoppers.


The main issue isn’t always players who are deliberatly ramming. It’s just there’s no penalties for hitting or colliding with anyone so there’s no incentive for players to be careful or try harder not to make contact. The issue is just bad driving all around because in single player you can tap and push off other players the whole race without penalty. If players lost time they wouldn’t drive the way they do. I might be slow but I drive clean.



I agree with you wholeheartedly, but the issue has a lot to do with Forza’s target audience. As soon as you implement penalties in single player to help teach players to drive safely, it no longer becomes a mainstream casual driving game that Turn 10 wants it to be. As much as I’d like this, I can’t see it happening anytime soon.

It is something we can ALL do, and will suspend those not abiding by the rules.

Use it.

One can’t even get a player kicked from the lobby. How is reporting going to do anything? How about reintroducing the old “kick player” system where dirty people actually got kicked?


Race penalty like Project Cars 1&2 or inspired by real race must be implement on FORZA. WE NEED THIS. WE NEED A LOBBY WITH PENALTY AND SOLO PART WITH IT TO LEARN FOR EVERYBODY AND BE SURE TO MADE THE BEST RACING.

I’m tired to see FM without this … FM2 have a penalty system, not perfect but have it … why since FM3 we don’t have it ???



Forza should be designed in a way that punishes bad behavior. Sadly it seems like a complete afterthought or not even considered in the first place. Pumping out games is all that matters, doesn’t matter how broken they are.

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As far as im concerned this report and suspend system does literally nothing to help online play. Someone gets suspended, they create another account and do it all over again, rinse and repeat. Other than boosting unique user numbers how exactly does this help because at this point this is the only logical reason i can come up with as to why this hasnt been properly addressed yet.

Crashers and corner cutters exist whether by choice or just plain lack of skill, they always will in racing games. The best a developer can do is try seperate but more importantly educate its players as to what, where, when and especially if certain behaviors are acceptable.

But turn 10 chose not to do either. They still haven’t implemented a tutorial or any kind of rules for that matter when it comes to racing, nevermind racing with other people in multiplayer and they certainly arent seperating anyone.

When they were about to release forza 5 they spoke about seperating people by their habits ie crasher or clean, needless to say that never happened. Then when they were launching forza 6 and were introducing leagues i thought they were finally going to do something but no, they hadnt.

Now with forza 7 we have leagues 2.0 and it has instead of evolving into a more focused hardcore type of lobby, devolved into another prize grab bag, not for skill but for participation no less. Yet again the only logical reason i can think of is to funnel users into leagues so they can boast how much a success league racing has become in forza when in reality its not.

When turn 10 finally have time after releasing all the car packs and inevitable expansions and wonder why their most comprehensive, biggest and most 4k 60fps game evaaa didnt sell well, i hope they realize this is by far the biggest culprit. Its almost guarenteed that when forza is brought up on various websites or youtube the cespool crashfest that is forza multiplayer is always brought up.

Its a problem and i dont know how much longer they can afford to ignore it. Long time fans are obviously tired of it and new players not knowing any better usually just join in the chaos. Graphics and content are a great way to sell a game but gameplay is what keeps people around to buy the sequel and little by little turn 10 are losing these players and this as well as some other questionable decisions are imo to blame.


It’s time Turn 10 to stop the pointless whack a mole, does not help my current situation approach to this. Guess what the years of banning and reporting have not changed a single thing.


This sounds an awful lot like a conversation we’ve been having on this forum for the past few years, so I’m just going to leave this here:

If we want to see change, it won’t come with this particular game. Instead, Turn 10 would need to build new foundations based around educating and rewarding players for racing “properly”; in other words, Gran Turismo Sport. Given the type of audience I expect them and Microsoft to be aiming for however, I don’t see this happening.

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Stopping by to add some info to this referenced comment from PJTierney:

Dan Greenawalt was interviewed for FM6 and described the target demographic as follows:

  • People [who] want to drive the car of their dreams on specific tracks.
  • People who love the career mode, who want to learn and enjoy new experiences, gain achievements and collect cars in their garage.
  • Multiplayer groups where winning isn’t the most important thing. It’s all about good racing with like-minded drivers.
  • People who want sim features and those who put a lot of hours into the game. They may be testing every night for hours, mastering specific circuits and car types.

I don’t know if there’s a similar interview for FM7 available anywhere. It would be interesting to learn more about how Turn 10 thinks about the game nowadays. It’s fairly easy to see that they focused more on the second group, for example. Since I like clean racing, I’m hopeful that the race marshal program can help in that regard.

But Pj i thought turn 10 had their ears to the ground and are listening…


Turn 10: “We’re always listening to customer feedback and implementing fixes to make this our greatest Forza yet!”

![“We’re listening.”](https://i.redd.it/l5905t531l6y.jpg ““We’re listening.””)


Implementing fixes on a piano? Someone should let them know “ears to the ground” shouldn’t be taken literally.


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I’ve seen so many good suggestions from seasoned players over the last few years, it’s a real shame that NONE of it has been picked up on.

T10 should hire PJ already…