Where can I Find Race Suspension?

Hi all,

The Tune screen says you can adjust camber, springs, and so on with a Race Suspension, but when I go to the upgrade shop I can’t find anything that sounds like that. I tried installing springs (Racing Springs, I think?), but it still doesn’t seem to make anything adjustable. I am using a low-class car (a Renault Clio at D-class levels)–are the parts for lower-end cars more limited?

Race Springs allow you to adjust the alignment, the springs, and the damping sections of the tuning menu.
Race anti-roll bars allow you to adjust the anti-roll bar for either the front or the rear.

Race Brakes allow you to adjust brake bias and pressure.
Forza Aero allow you to adjust downforce on the front or rear of the vehicle.

Race Differential allows you to adjust both your acceleration and deceleration differential - it also costs 0 PI, does not alter any stats including weight, and is relatively cheap. Put this on every car.

+1…couldn’t say it better myself…