For some reason my cars aren't letting me tune them

I go in to tuning set ups and the only thing I can do is tune the tire pressure. I was going to do a little toe in on my 68 Ferrari GTB/4 and it won’t let me. So I bought the upgrade for the front roll bar thinking it might allow me to but it didn’t. What am I doing wrong. My game isn’t messed up, is it? I must be missing something. But every option I try to tune besides the tires won’t allow it. Hmm…

Are you sure you have the ‘race’ components on the cars? You need race anti roll bars, springs and dampers, etc.

OK, that makes sense. I was thinking that might be the case. So no, I don’t have any race components on any of them yet. LOL.

There ya go! The race parts will let you play with the sliders :slight_smile: