Why are my tuning options locked prior to a race?

I’m still relatively new to the game so I apologize if this is a really stupid question, but It looks like before races that I can tune my car. However when I go to do so the only thing I can change is the tire pressure, all of the other tuning options are locked. What am I missing here?

Tuning options will be locked for parts that are not adjustable, which is the case for most production cars in stock form. You can install upgraded Race parts in the Garage at each Hub which will unlock that part’s related tuning settings. Gearing offers a Sport part that allows you to adjust the final drive ratio (which will also unlock if you change the transmission from RWD to AWD) or a Race part that will allow you to change each gear individually. Differential upgrades also come in Sport and Race tiers.

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He’s talking about right before a race. After you choose what car you want to use in said race. You can’t tune your car in between selecting the car and starting the race. So if you want to tune your car differently for each individual race you have to do so before you get to the race.

Watch this video and pause it at 1.31. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyihgh0JWr0

Look at the tiles available. One is tuning.

If you go in there you can tune a car provided you have put adjustable parts on the car previously at a hub.

EDIT: the answer is simple and is included in ManteoMax’s first 2 sentences. Add the adjustable parts at a hub and from then on you can tune you car in between choosing your car and starting the race.

I think people may be confusing “Building” which is adding parts and “Tuning” which is adjusting saettings.

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Actually, I tried it both ways… just before getting to the race and before the start of the race and had the same issue. I’m pretty sure the vehicle I was using I had auto-upgraded… would the tuning options still be locked if I did this?

Pretty sure auto-upgrade will only add non adjustable parts to your car therefore no tweaking of your car prior to aa race, you need race parts fitted to be able to adjust settings.

No auto upgrade will add race parts but only if you choose to autoupgrade it far enough.

So if the PI is 680 and you auto upgrade to 700 then you won’t get any race parts but if you go from 680 to say 800 you are more likely to.

Thank you. Your posts have been very helpful. I think going forward I’m going to start manually upgrading my cars so I can be sure to fit them with parts that I can subsequently tune if need be. I’ve been in some tough races where if I could just make some minor tuning adjustments, particularly with the gearing, I think I’d be able to do a lot better.

Time to tell us what car and parts are involved.

No, he is not - he mentions he can change tire pressures but nothing else, so Max’s answer is correct.
You can tune after selecting the race and car - it is dependent on the car and its parts as to what can be tuned. If the tuning was locked out it would be grayed out and have a lock symbol on it


I can tune my cars before every race but then i have upgraded them all.

I have also asked this question and got the same mixed replies.
Best thing to do is try to tune a specific car, Then go to a race and see if you can tune it then.

You can build cars at hubs.

You can tune cars at hubs, on the road in single player free roam and before races.

If you have added the adjustable parts at a hub then when you enter a race and pick you car then on the final menu before the race starts there is a tuning option available and you will be able to tune if you have the parts on the car.