When will we have another chance at getting the 2016 Honda Civic Type R FE?

I have been waiting for this car for a long time and you have only given it once or twice i believe and it is the only car that i dont have in my collection, and the worst part is that is not even in the AH because you have only given it as a gift.

So i would like to know if we will ever get another chance to get it because it has been a long time since the last time we were able to get it.

Also as an opinion i feel like we should get more exclusive and FE cars in the #Forzathons, doing challenges for money and cars that we can buy in the Autoshow is not very rewarding if you ask me.

Have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:


This is the only Car i`m waiting for. Still missing some other FE Cars. I only really race online in the Modern Hatchback Ghost division,hence my desire for the Honda Civic Type R FE. I know it was my mistake not picking one up the first time round. I’m just frustrated and can’t understand the thinking of Turn 10,for not letting me at least get one in the AH. Credits to burn,but nothing to spend it on!!! I enjoy to tune these Cars and the extra benefit it gives you. Sorry for the rant,i don’t post often here,but this is so disappointing.

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or at the very least, allow cars to randomly pop up in the race shop, including cars previously sold at the specialty dealer!

it will allow people to have a random 6 minute chance to:

  • buy cars that they missed when available from other sources,

  • buy past specialty dealer cars that they missed purchasing, or simply didn’t have the available credits to purchase it at the time.

  • or for purists, the chance to buy the car that they missed so that they are the original owner of the car.

  • purchase limited release cars that can’t be sold on the Auction House

  • and most importantly, spend those credits that are starting to pike up. After 15-16 months of this game, most people will already have all the things that can be bought

i believe cars in the Race Shop was considered at one point, as when you go to the car collection screen and click on a car you don’t have, like the “2017 Honda Civic FE”, it says;


Why do you guys say “2017 Honda Civic Type R Forza Edition”?
There is no 2017, only a “2016 Honda Civic Type R Forza Edition” and a “1997 Honda Civic Type R Forza Edition”.
Is it a typo or do you have different production years?
I read that multiple times now and I’m just wondering.

I have 2 of both Forza Editions, but I think, it’s pretty senseless after 1 1/2 years to hide these exclusive cars so much.
They should start spamming them in #Forzathons and League Rewards instead of putting in normal cars as rewards because at this point, most people should have millions of credits.


Sorry that was my bad, i changed the title now to 2016, thanks for the info.

And yeah i agree with what everyone is saying in this thread, is so frustrating that we havent had a chance to get this car again, we were close to when they put the option in the stream to choose the specialty dealer cars for December, but everyone chose a FE car that you could get as a level up reward, which frustrated me even more.

But hey, lets hope they start giving us more FE cars in #Forzathons and that we can get another chance at getting this Honde FE.

I do think they should add a couple cars to the raceshop (not always the FE cars) - also i think if you complete all the single player the forza cars are unlocked in the car collection correct? if not that would be the common sense thing to do is unlock them once the top teir of single player is complete.


I think it would be a good thing if they would allow us to sell gifted cars.
I really need the 2016 Civic FE and have a lot of double gift cars in my garage I can’t sell… some of them can’t even be deleted.

Another thing I don’t understand is why they keep putting regular cars into Speciality Dealer and Forzathon.
Yesterday’s Forzathon gave you the chance to win the very rare Holden Sandman - amazing.

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I agree, this Civic and the Fiesta FE are the only two cars that I do not have. I decided to collect ALL the cars in this game for some reason. 1st time I have tried in a Forza game since F2. The frustration of NEVER seeing an opportunity to complete the list tells me this will be the last time I try it.

We have to be patience for now dude, sadly i really want to complete my collection aswell but i just have to wait.

I feel like if you want more FE and exclusive cars in the #Forzathons you should say it in this thread so that turn 10 knows what we want from these weekly challenges, im saying this to anybody that read this.

Like i said before hopefully they will realize how long it has been since they gave us an oportunity to get this very rare cars and make them available again through league, #Forzathons or a bounty hunter.

I am down to the same two cars and can’t believe they aren’t offered more like the other FE cars. I would like to complete the entire set by owning ALL the cars and have been patient while waiting, but I feel like they should be offered more by now. The chance that I’ll drive these cars might be slim, but I always enjoy collecting every car in the game. I’ll be patient while I continue to wait and to the DEVs reading these forums, please make these cars available soon. In the meantime, I’ll keep hoping that these two cars become available to the community and am looking forward to the continued support with FM7 since there will not be an FM8 in the near future.

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Same for me, with the addition of the Chevelle as my third car that I don’t have …

Agree with all the comments that, given the age of the game now and the wide availability of almost all of the other FE cars, it seems very odd not to re-release the last few rare FE cars.

As a “late starter” to FM7 I don’t think I was even playing it when my three missing cars were offered?

I don’t mind doing Rivals / Forzathons etc for them: but they should be offered!

Or, as I’ve asked a few times before: can we have a “pick the car you’d like” voucher for a Rivals? Then we can chose what we’d like, instead of a Forzathon Tier 1 car that literally everyone could have bought anyway, for its very low cost.

I think I need my missing three before FM8 comes out, or I may well not sign up again. A bit extreme I know, but why encourage a “collector” mindset and then make it almost impossible to complete a collection!

Bumping Thread.
Please devs, this car was only available ONE time, this is ridiculous.

It was available twice. Once in game and once via a Forza RC stream I believe.

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I don’t care for forza edition cars TBH. All they really do is limit the field of viable options in an already small mix. If you have an FE car that grants bonuses in a given division you will use it and not use the other cars in the division. They are not faster or better than their competitors and often have very minimal aesthetic changes over the base model. I’d rather just have the option to put white letter tires or white walls on my car in the paint booth (separate from tire compound on the upgrade shop) than wait for an FE to fall out of the sky.

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Any news about an availability for this car please ?

This is the only car yet to be unlocked in the game as I have all the others .
What with the Forzathons , the leagues , the rivals and rewards for leveling up , it seems very odd this car doesnt come up
I mean , in the last couple of rivals events , there have been a large number of FE cars being dropped as prizes plus credits.
All very good except when you notice that they are often the same FE cars each time .
I think that in the last couple of months almost every FE car has been given at least once .
Even the additional cars such as the TVR speed 12 dropped quite quickly .
So what is so special about this car and why is it staying locked ?

It was actually sent as a gift to those that watched the forzarc events about 12 months ago

LOL . thats great if you just so happened to see that 12 months ago . shame they never thought to offer it up agian .
Suppose we can wait another 12 months LOL

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If I remember correctly it was also a rivals reward car at some point. The car gifted for watching the forzarc event has 0 collector score and a custom livery, I received another one of these at some point that actually has some collector score and the stock paint job.


Found it https://twitter.com/ForzaMotorsport/status/953402487897128962 It was gifted out for beating Johniwanna in the January 2018 Bounty Hunter event.

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Just bring this car to Forzathon and everyone would be happy :grinning:

And cars in raceshop is also a great idea :smiley::beer: