Last 4 cars, PM me

Hi all, looking buy these last 4 cars missing from my collection.
Willing to pay max bids.
Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

Chevelle '70 FE
TVR Speed 12
Ford Fiesta FE (Classic)
Honda Civic '16 FE

PM me if you can sell me any of these.


tvr speed 12 isn’t out yet

which model honda civic fe , there’s 2 different years

Looks like the '14 Si or maybe the 16 R, but it’s not specific from the collections menu.
I think it’s the '14 though judging by the front grill and the 14 regular from my garage.

There is no 2014 Honda Civic FE.
There is either the 1997 Civic or the 2016 Civic.

Then it’s definitely the '16.

might be unsellable due to being a gift car

Isn’t it the reward for a current rivals comp?

Which one is that? I don`t do rivals much.

The one with the NSX

There`s a couple that feature an nsx. the vip 04 one? or the regular ones that are the new nsx?


And it’s a 1997 Civic FE, not 2016.