Whats tracks are non aero tracks?

Hi, Do you know what tracks are typicaly non aero/wing tracks?

I am just needing a bit of help for a guide that I way be putting on this forums to know what car to use for what track in what class.

Aero is most effective in high-speed turns. Monza, LeMans, Daytona and the like. Tracks like Nurburgring and Silverstone have you cornering at lower speeds, so you can use less aero.

Car class is also a factor. Classes A and up feature MUCH higher speeds, requiring more aero (often incorporated right into the bodywork).

Bernese Alps, very Aero dependant. It’s a world of difference, even in B class.

You can use aero on all tracks and get usefulness. Le man’s is mentioned but most cars you want to run low down force because you would lose so much time on the straights that it can’t be easily made up for elsewhere. On the likes of Spa which are fast circuits you just have to find the right balance because you have high speed corners and straights.

Slow tight circuits want as much downforce as possible.

Front to rear balance is more important than maximum down force however. The indycars have huge amounts of rear downforce and not enough on the front to counter it.

I’ll start it off
Daytona Tri oval

LeMans (not buggati)
Daytona (all layouts)
The ring
Indy GP, classic and oval
Road America east
Top gear loop
Sebring full and the shorter layout with two long straights
The middle long beach
Silverstone national
One of the short Rio layouts
The shortest CoTA track
Watkins Glenn (all layouts)
Monza (all layouts)

Not saying your car will be the fastest, but you can get away with no aero depending on car/build and still run really good laps and win online.


I think we can add road atlanta full into this too, may not be the best example but i think could go either way.

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Long beach.

It amazes me how drivable those Indycars are around Daytona with the aero turned down as far as it’ll go.

thanks Swerve, your help will help others.

Aye, Swerve knows what’s what.