What's The Rarest Car In The Game?

What’s The Rarest Car In The Game?

In FH4 the Ford Capri FE was the most sought after car quite early on. Do we have an equivalent in FH5?

Is there a rare car yet?

In FH4, the only car i never got hold of was the Aston Martin DB11 Pre Order car.
The Ford is primarily unlockable for completing The Superstar Star Card.

In FH5, i really dont know

The hot wheels boneshaker is pretty rare. You never see them during online races.


You can buy that in the autoshow for 300k

There is limited version that you can only get with a DLC code that comes with the FH5 special edition controller.

Nope, that’s a 1932 Ford De Luxe Five Window Coupe Forza Edition…


The fact that this car has appeared in PG’s stream and is present in Horizon Promo seems to indicate that this car is definitely included in the car list.
However, no one knows yet how to get this car, and it is not listed in the car collection in the first place.

Is it just some content that was cut for some reason and left in Horizon Promo due to a glitch, or is it an exclusive DLC like the 32 Ford FE?

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Right now IMO there are a few:

  1. 1932 Ford Coupe FE
  2. 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63S
  3. Gymkhana 10 Hoonicorn

Only people with the exclusive controller have the Ford… It’s gonna be almost impossible for me to complete the ForzaDex this time.

The other cars were available during the first week. The Alpine A110 can be found in wheelspins and I think the NSX-R GT can as well.

The most useful is by far the Hoonicorn, since it’s the only car in the game with an 8x multiplier.

Na, the NSX-R GT is seasonal-only right now, so if you didn’t get it in the welcome week, the auction house is your only option.

That and Civic Coupe. The only two cars i dont have. Civic Coupe you can buy in auction for 20 mil though. But Im not crazy to do that. :slight_smile:

So all in all the most precious brand is Honda with two entries on the “rarest of rare” list. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip in the civic coupe. Just sold mine for the 20mill accolade. It’ll come back round again for 180 Forza points or something. Stonks!

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I have all 3 and the Alpine too. I rarely buy from the autoshow so probably got them through wheelspins. I did buy either the Hoonicorn or Hoonitruck from auction though.

toyota ae86, at least it was, till today or was it yesterday? people still bid on auction millions for it for some reason, makes no sense or they just too lazy to complete couple of races, who knows
anyway i think it’s honda civic now and it’s yours for 20 gagillions of dollares, for a civic lol

Is it not the Civic coupe? As this isn’t available in the autoshow or winnable and was available via the forza store.

32 Coupe Forza Edition. Not worth getting excited about I add though. Compound is forced to extreme off-road. No circuit ability as a result.

Stock A class with too much power and RWD. Can push S class with AWD but again, no grip and no tuneable downforce making it a drag car without drag tires.

Piping hot mess of a car which I love, but it’s in no way a viable choice.

At least the Capri Fe monstered off road and on road.


I think the rarest is the invisible one that keeps challenging me in Eliminator.

I can’t find it anywhere.


The one you get when you buy the Forza Horizon 5 Limited Edition Controller, you can’t even find the controller in stock anywhere now. But buying the controller is the only way to get it. The car is the 1932 Ford De Luxe Five-Window Coupe Forza Edition.

The Gymkhana 10 Hoonicorn Mustang could be won from the S1 summer “It’s Rainin’ Sideways” championship

I’ve got this car… must have been in Summer.

Ah, you mean this old heartmelter right here…

Beautiful ain’t she? Handles like a dream and flys like an eagle.

Undoubtedly on par with my FH4 Capri FE in terms of perfection. :grin: