What's The Rarest Car In The Game?

Donkervoort D8 GTO is definitely one of the rarest cars in forza, If this car makes you think of a sci-fi version of the Lotus Seven, you are not that far from reality. Donkervoort has created an “uncompromising” model that lacks conveniences such as ABS brakes, traction and stability control and even power steering, but weighs only 700 kg. The company claims that, combined with a modified version of the Audi TT RS engine, this model offers a “brutal” driving experience, and definitely deserves to be in the AutomoBible.
In general, there are really many rare and cool cars with their own unusual history.

Rarest Cars In FH5

  1. 2017 Ford GT OPI Edition: Only obtainable by purchasing nail polish during the opi event which ended in late April
    More info available at: Forza Horizon 5: How To Get The New Ford GT Coating

  2. 1932 Ford De Luxe Coupe FE: Only obtainable by purchasing the Forza Horizon 5 Edition Xbox One Controller (A dlc code inside the box which is included). These controllers can still be found so I list it as 2nd.
    More info available at: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/accessories/controllers/forza-horizon-5-limited-edition

  3. Hard to find cars as followed. (0 reappearances → 1 reappearances, etc.) This list is not mine (Forza Horizon 5 Hard-To-Find Released Cars To Date - Google Sheets) !! Created By @SlowJournalist , @Hydra497107 , and @TADDYBOYZZ#4063. Again I have no work put into this just sharing a list to try and help with the topic. They have a lot of hard work and dedication put into this.


It’s just a common wheelspin car, really nothing special about it.

But you guys totally forgot about the Maserati 8CTF. Meta car nr.1 for many offroad tracks and only available for one week during season 2!

You’ll notice the dates on the previous posts. The rare cars change over time, so most of these posts aren’t relevant anymore.

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Peel trident is another one.

Any car that tunes and handles like a real car!

True but thats why on my comment above i shared the spreadsheet that gets updated as well as the two that will not change positions unless we get another event but its pretty rare

Hoonicorn V2, E63 AMG S, NSX-R GT, and the Ford Coupe FE

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A car only available if you buy some nail polish?

Can’t wait for a pink skirt car!!! I can’t help feeling that this game is more suited for Pippi Longstocking!

They need to balance things out with a manscaped Raesr :smiley:

Well, clearly the OPI Ford GT and the '32 Ford FE will be the rarest, because they were blocked behind a time-limited paywall. They are just minor variations of cars already in the main game, however. There a plenty of “exclusive” releases that have only been offered once, though. The rarest among the normal cars would probably be in this set. Cars like the DeLorean were only offered once near the release of the game, so it is likely a large portion of the user base did not have an opportunity to get one.

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Its more than just a art car its fast as heck. Hit 281 mph in it before spinning out. Almost Fh4 gt wp speeds… and the Fh5 doesnt even clip

I could paint that car from scratch in 5 minutes.

Did you see my reply above i said it isnt just a art car… regardless to stay on topic of the conversation different paint or not its still the rarest car in fh5 as its impossible to obtain now

OPI can be tuned to X class because it has extra engine swaps.

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I bought my OPI Ford GT code on Ebay, got it instantly and worked flawlessly.

The car is actually pretty cool and as mentioned has extra swaps available.

I made mine a drag car and its super fun to rip in.

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I would say the rarest cars are the most common cars like the Jeep Willy because people rarely drive them.

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Same here never got the AM PO edition. I’ve owned 6 Capri FEs in total.

I am missing the po db11 as well in fh4… thats the only car I am missing too :sweat_smile:

I use it quite often for Drift Arcades. And sometime Oen Drift.