What's the fastest way to earn credits?

Aside from being VIP and earning extra money from that, I’ve always played the game with no ABS, simulation handling, no traction or stability control, race line completely off, simulation damage, and no rewind. Then select the AI difficulty to whatever suits you. I am just playing at Above Average setting because I know I can come in first without any real struggle. You can also win big on the level up spins. I haven’t won anything over 10,000cr, I’m under driver level 10, and have about 2,400,000cr. I haven’t had any extra CR mods yet either but, I have seen some posts about getting boosted CR % for some cards too. Another strategy I like to follow too is not buy cars and parts until I am well off. I will use any free cars I am gifted or have won in races/spins then slowly add parts to those cars and use them in next level races until I get to a race series that I do not own a car for. I have been playing like that since Forza 3 and every game so far I have had well over 30,000,000cr and 300+ cars.

Edit: Don’t forget to claim your now weekly Forza Rewards! That helps a bunch!

As stated above, go for the Indy race in the Showcase events. I personally get 46,000Cr (with VIP which is 14000 more) and no assists. You unlock this event after you finish the 3 warmup challenges and they give you the car that you need to complete it. Not only that, but you can reach level 25 Affinity in that car pretty quick, which grants you a 50% credit bonus and traction mod for that manufacturer.

Racing, spins, painting, tune ups, rewards, VIP.

I’m blowing through credits trying to get the back of the pack card…what’s the best way to earn credits fast?

I dont think there is a cheat method, just a method of grinding it out. Here are two ways I have gotten the most credits:

  1. Join a league. - you can get a lot of credits depending on where you finish ( even finishing in the middle of the division will earn you a lot)
  2. Grind it out - Race Indy oval 50 laps (usa a P class car or higher, take ALL assists off, set the drivitar to Unbeatable, 23 opponents, add a credit mode that adds credit %)
    For indy oval you shouldnt need assists because you shouldnt even have to brake in a P class car or higher. Even on unbeatable you should be lapping cars by lap 15. There are mods that increase your credit %, make sure you use one of those and it will multiply your payout. In addition you will get a few wheel spins from increased XP and earn credits for affinity!

If you want less of a grind and more fun while earning, showcase events earn you much more credits per mile than career races or freeplay.

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cool, thanks gents.

as DBAG said run 50 laps at the oval. Be sure to turn damage off though even tho it would give you more credit. might want to put a credit multiplier mod on prior to doing it also.


Forza Rewards if you haven’t already, but other than that, Rivals seems to net a decent rate of CR vs Time, providing you are half decent.

Use Mods in career mode. I had quite a few races where I got over 75k in just a few laps.

For instance, the perfect pass Mod is best used in the showcase events where you have to pass a certain amount of much slower cars in a few laps. I loaded up my mods with these types and got the max credits 3 times (1 for each mod) plus the regular difficulty payout. I believe the max credits for the one I was using was 32,000cr

Having to keep setting the wheel settings because they wont save (bug) slows you down when grinding credits, using a pad will be faster.

Since getting the back of the pack mod is entirely luck based and I apparently have no luck, I’m going to stop wasting money trying to get it (spent around 11.5million trying). I will simply hold a grudge that T10 ever added luck based achievements to the game.


why do you want that mod? to earn credits. if you just wanted to test yourself you could easily pull of to the side of the track and let everyone go by. or you could play fm5 where it was on by default even before mods. are you going to earn more credits than you have already wasted trying to get the mod? probably not. quit throwing good credits after bad. “free” is very expensive, ask the family of any gambling addict. many people go broke waiting for the law of averages to catch up, and by the time they do catch up they are never going to win as much as they invested trying to get the free money / credits.

get the fastest car you have and get a good tune for the oval of your choice then run freeplay or rivals. staying at or near max mph makes the miles fly by.

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To earn the related achievement I’d imagine.


Back of pack mod only gives you 10% increase in earnings anyway - well the one i have anyway. If there was a way to give it to you I would I don’t use it

There is no such thing as a "Law of Averages’. There is, however, the Gambler’s Fallacy, the fervent belief that the more times a coin toss comes up heads somehow increases the probability of it coming up tails on the next toss. The entire gambling industry is in fact founded on this fundamental self-delusion.

By all means, play the game in a way that you enjoy but fight the urge to convince yourself that you need to keep hammering away at the bar for a food pellet because you’re just going to dig yourself deeper and deeper into a hole.

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You’re right. That’s why I’m going to stop trying to get it. I will simply add this to the long list of horrible things that T10 has done to this franchise.

No achievement should ever be based on luck. This game has several luck based achievements.


forget achievements. they suck the fun out of games. you are supposed to play games, not work them. think how many fun cars could be had with the credits spent chasing an achievement. but you are correct, not caring about them i didn’t even think about that.


For me, if they Pop they Pop… I never focus on these. I did focus on the rewards deal so to get extra credits… which gave me a good start in FM6