Whats a good drift tune for AWD?

I would like to know whats a good general drift tune for AWD? i cant find one on google only for FH3 would the FH3 tune work for FH4?

partial example

tires f48 r55

alignment - f-5.0 r-5.0
toe f+5.0 r+5.0
caster 1.0
diff f ront accel 100
decel 40
rear accel100
balace 70

Would this work in horizon 4?

Extreme settings for toe and camber will make your car drive terribly - you will probably be awarded some drift skills while you’re fighting for control, but you can never drive in a straight line let alone compete in a race. The caster setting doesn’t seem to do anything - for me at least. And the differential settings vary from car to car.

If you have a decent tune, adequate power, and some driving experience your car will drift when you want it to and race when you don’t. If you don’t know how to tune, there are tons of tunes available for every car. You might have to try a few before you find one that feels right but you’ll get a lot more use out of the car if drifting isn’t mandatory.

My favorite “sleeper” drift car is the Meyers Manx. I have a few tunes shared if you want somewhere to start.

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Sorry, I’m not much of a drifter and have no clue about tuning but I managed to get all drift stunts with three stars in the following AWD car and tune within a day:

1977 Holden Torana A9X** with the tune AWD Drift by XtremeEnergizer**
Traction off, Manual Shift. Shift to 2nd or 3rd gear at start and just stay there, balancing the rest with throttle and breaks.


I have a Subaru WRX STI tune shared out that eats pretty much any drift zone thrown at it and it’s in a AWD configuration, but I prefer RWD drifting as AWD is Powersliding o.O

Hello Friend of drifting,

I got a EVO 8 in Forza Horizon 4 and just made a setup. It is good, but not as good as RWD. Try it out.

Full tuning on the serie engine. Except the tires. They are sport.

Tire pressure: f-2,6 r-2,8

Gears. 1- 3,35
2- 2,30
3- 1,77
4- 1,41
5- 1,15
6- 0,95

Stance. f- -5,0 degree r- -3,0

degree 7,00 (the last option)

stabilizator. f- 19,38
r- 10,09

Suspension. f- 69,2 KP / MM
r- 48,9 KP/MM

Suspension High. 13,5cm Front and Back

the next option is the… idk what to call.

f. 5,9
r. 4,2

f. 3,5
f. 3,0

Aerodynamik. Nopthing changed.

and 110% strenght

0% and 0% on the front

35 and 0% on the rear

90% on the rear wheel. Nearly RWD car. hahah. Maybe u can made something with it. Questions? Maybe I will look to it.

RWD swap XD

Normally I personally run something like this:

Tyre pressure
30 on front and back

Front 4.0
Rear 1.0

Front accel 50
Front decel 0
Rear accel and decel 75
Balance 85

I personally prefer to use a setup like this:

Front camber -4.0
Rear camber -1.0

Front accel 50
Front decel 0
Rear accel 75 to 80
Rear decel 75 to 80
Balance 75 to 85 (closer to 85 allows you to obtain a deeper angle easier but closer to 75 lets you keep a deeper angle without spinning out)

If you go to Don Joewon Song’s youtube channel, he tuned and posted a video for the Hoonigan Ford RS200. In his posted youtube video for that car he shows his settings for the tune. This is a good AWD drift tune, as he demonstrates in the video. Hope that helps.

I got a AWD Mitsubishi Eclipse tuned for drifting. not gonna go into full details so engine, gearing, aero is all up to you. but ill share the info you need.

Tires = 28.0 front/ 22.5 back
Camber = -3.7 front/ -0.5 back
Toe = 0.5 front/ -0.1 back
Caster = 7.0

Camber: (when drifting right as example, and you counter steer left , you would want your left front tire to be as close to a 90 degree angle to the road as possible.)
Toe: ( add/remove front toe to increase or decrease your angle. imagine a dog running with its back legs going faster than its front legs. positive toe makes the dogs front legs a little bit slower.)

Balance all of your suspension and anti roll settings according to the weight of the cars engine. (Modifying the car adds or removes weight. towards to front end.)
Formula (A-B)C+B=X
A= The stiffest setting
B= the softest setting
C= Weight % on front (52%= .52)

Balance = 48%
Pressure = 150%

Front = Acc 75%/ Dec 0%
Rear = Acc 100%/ Dec 95%
Balance = 90% Rear