What You Drive

So, I had my 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Big Horn Package with the 4.7 motor. In October, it was totaled after a van ran a stop sign. (See Pics) I now am the proud owner of a 2012 Nissan Xterra PRO-4X in Brilliant Silver. I like it a lot and have some fun plans for it.

So what are ya’ll drivin these days?


Oh dang you , you beat me to the topic! LOL Great minds right? :smiley:

Well, Finally I have my own car again, And it’s quite nice too.

A 2010 Toyota Corolla LE. Best thing about it? It is used yes, however, it was a business lease, so even though it is a 2010, it’s dang near brand new. With only 17,400 miles!

6 Disc in dash CD Changer, with Aux Input, also has automatic headlights, gets dark enough and I don’t even need to flip the headlight switch it does it all on its own. I love this car. And my 6 foot 4 frame fits very nicely within it. Super comfy.

OH, and yes, she does indeed rock the Forza 2 plate frames our Unicorn Saint gave me some time back. I’ll have pics of that soon!

And here’s the Forza 2 plate frame.

Just sold my Mercedes E Class and actually have no idea what to get next
cant be bothered to upload pics atm but CKS performance in watford (who come highly reccomended) did a video when they did my Res delete

Nice buddy, It’s similar to my Xterra, I got it used with 26,800 miles on it, and everything is like new, and I got it at 5-6K under book value, so it was my truck all over again. Need to get some cool stickers and stuff on it soon, and pics of that will be up soon… I hope anyways

I got 2 monster energy stickers on mine, plus a United States Marine Corps sticker on the back window along side the plate frames. I got that for a good deal too, just over $11k in all. Which for mileage and condition (dang near flawless inside and out) is quite spectacular. Best used car I ever bought.

2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4x4
5.3L V8, 295 peak HP and 325 peak Torque when new. 4-Speed Auto with Tow/Haul Mode
Around 294k miles, transmission rebuilt at 278k, transfer case replaced at 278k

These are the same pics from before, but they’re close enough to it’s current condition to warrant reusing them.

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If you posted them a year ago, I find it extremely amusing the new forums came out one year later for you to reuse them again now! XD Happy 1 year posting anniversary for your truck! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m suprised that you noticed. I just noticed it a couple hours ago.

Ya I always tend to notice small details like that :slight_smile:

Also, updated my post with a few more pics.

Here is my 2008 Honda Fit, she is my baby


hello , I bought this last monday with the money I would’ve spent on an xboxone and the tx wheel [with the addons].
It was throwing up selespeed errors , but it only needed crank angle sensor .
came with 9 months reg

I bought it to flip , I could triple my cash no problems, but it goes like stink , and that grille does something for me - I might keep it for a while .

Just a little hillman imp

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Wow, an old Hillman Imp - that’s just so cool in it’s own way!!

Just an old runabout Scenic here, affectionately nicknamed Plodder. Originally bought as a versatile hospital runner when I was a carer, I’ve since tried to just run it into ground but the danged thing refuses to die.

Family car is a big old Dodge Journey, unfortunately only the 2.4 version (it is UK after all), but a very versatile and reliable wagon. Wouldn’t be without her, it’s just a shame Dodge didn’t last too long in UK before pulling out.

That imp is awesome and love how it slips under the curtain sider, and we do have big engine cars over here too lol its true we have an awful lot of 1.4 diesels and other small engine runarounds but we got V8s too

I had a '98 Plymouth Neon 2dr 5spd but it was getting on in mileage so I opted to upgrade to…

an '04 Dodge SX2.0 lol

I still have the '98 and I PLAN on stripping it and turning it into a weekend warrior, but thats going to be a project and a half.

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Here’s my daily driver: 2000 Camaro Y87 - 3800 series II, 4L60E, 138,700+ miles, original paint; planning on doing an engine rebuild due to the previous owner’s negligence to car maintenance.


Your car seems pretty nice. Also, where do you get forza plate frames?

Thank you! And I got them from Johniwanna some time back, and all the extras I had, I gave away here on the forums after I got them, and the rest went to Gamestop when the XBox One and Forza 5 launched, I used them as an unexpected pre-order bonus with the store. I don’t have any more left, otherwise I’d send you one.

Used to drive this around a lot until I get hit head on by a drunk driver.

Vette by EXORIMADreamer, on Flickr

Generally drive this every day when the snow is not butt high to an elephant.

AlleyCar-1 by EXORIMADreamer, on Flickr

Been driving this around lately although I prefer to leave it at the farm when I can.

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I drive a 2008 hummer H3 alpha loaded. IT is the first gen alpha with the 5.3L V8 making around 365HP and 380 foot pounds of toque. Its my baby I’ve chromed it out and added a flowmaster 40 series exhaust system on it with some mild performance upgrades like a K&N cold air intake some E3 spark plugs and ECU upgrade, I also put some wilwood after market slotted brake disk with tuff stuff brake pads.

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