What upgrades do you value more in a circuit race? Acceleration/Speed or Handling/Braking?

I’m curious as to what the rule of thumb is here. Do I upgrade cars with more handling & then try to tune the acceleration…or buy parts for speed & accel and try to tune the handling & braking?

Thanks a lot!

It comes down to personal preference and which car you want to drive. I’m a big believer in handling, so the first things I’ll upgrade are brakes and suspension, weight reduction if I have a lot of PI to play with, and tire width. If I’ve PI to spend after that, then I’ll look at power. Of course, this isn’t set in stone and on some tracks - like the Daytona sports car tracks, Sebring - I’ll put more emphasis on speed, as opposed to acceleration. I always want acceleration, and weight reduction is the best of both worlds.

Handling. I like a car to be smooth and consistent.

I really wish that sports tyres were allowed for homologation.

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Weight reduction before ( almost ) all else for me. It helps in every area you mentioned.

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I build for explotation of the pi system, I tune for everything and i pick my car based of the track I am about to drive.

Handling is king in Forza. Prioritize weight reduction over everything else.

Aero is overpowered as well and useful even when it drops PI, as the drop comes from lower top speed, which you don’t need at most tracks anyway.