what up with EMW!!!

Members of EMW are continuing to make new accounts and trolling c lobbys. They’re harassing and copying players gamer tags. My rep just went back down “needs work” after I got trolled. What can we do about this. Why doesnt xbox brick there consol.

I really can’t see the real members of EMW doing this, they’re probably fakes trying to give them a bad name. I suggest you race clean and when you find these people, save the replay, upload it and give “snowowl” a message on the forums with information.


Look at C class Lb for spa. Most of the top 50 evo8 times are from one person from EMW. They have been doing this for the 6 month now. Every sat and sun morning(10:00est) they make a new account. You can report, block and send video, but they will make a new account.

I wont say who it is, but he has a bunch no.1 times in c class and you know him.

Doesnt sound like the EMW guys i know… Contact their leader?!

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Who there leader?

Thanks for the notes and for chatting earlier. It’s probably not Raul but someone who recently left the team.

I looked up your AKRA1X GT and it’s green, so is your Troll account, so something doesn’t add up unless you’re talking about yet another GT.


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I dont race under this GT because of this crap and too many cars and tuning file full. I have a racing account. Im not going subject my main account to the idiots online.

The faster of the two drivers:
has an english accent
uses full raceline
uses bumpercam with rearview mirror
Favorite is evo8
Easy runs top 10 times while trolling . Runs 2:36.7xx at spa while trolling

This speed eliminates almost everybody but a very small few.

Go check out your teamates profile. The 30+ videos of people not too happy with him, driving an evo8 and using this view, raceline.
I check, non of the othere top drives run this setup.

also this isnt something new. This been going on for over 5 months and just now been linked to EMW or a emw driver. So the motovation of making your team look bad doesnt really make sence.

His buddy in his video is also on my friends list and was alway party up with him. He runs exactly same setup and has the same speed as driver 2.

Here the list of people that had there name copy for trolling.
XlvI Osvaldo
El duderino 221
Rm kryptkhoas
Bolton 8omber
Orc ch4m allow
Orc dload
Orc fredvtec 009
Orc just4fun
Orc stelin
Chris aufcll
Raven paul66
HRL crybaby

There was over 70+ names created by mainly by two players

I personally can state that this has happened to me. The two guys in question set up a new account every weekend and go troll people. when I started telling people to report their real names is when they copied my name and started trolling me. action definitely needs to be taken to limit their ability to do this. It is a member of EMW and he is still listed as a member on http://forzastats.com/Team/EMW . (Provided the information on this site is correct.) The other guy is not a member of EMW, its just one of his friends. I have called MS customer service many times regarding this issue. Hopefully as a community we can get someone to take notice that these guys are not only trolls, but they’re trying to ruin the reputations of other gamers as well.

Thats funny all of his video have been deleted in the last 20mins. Hidding anything?

Well I was in a room el duderino 222, and said same two people. They made multiple acounts of him and his friend. They trolled, sent messages, basicly harrassed them for a few days.

Contact EMW Distant or EMW Mayhem about it.

So who exactly is the EMW Raul Troll (troll was in the gamertag) Icame across the other night.

I think I came across a pair of Evo 8 terrors a couple of weeks back during the daytime in the UK. They were truly horrible people. Actually there were three. One acting as a crasher for the other two.

I will keep my eyes peeled when i’m in C class.

Welcome to the future of Forza…enjoy

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Oh dear is the light at the end of the tunnel more tea light than maglite?

Who ever is doing this is Obviously not a member of our team. People do terrible things on Xbox.

I do apologize for any misunderstandings AND i assure you this is no one on my team!

We have had issues in the past with fake EMW people its quite comical actually.

I can not even use my Original EMW Mayhem tag because someone stole it.

Again sorry for you guys having to deal with this!


At the moment raul hid his profile video mins after I posted they exactly match trollers. So either somebody hacked raul account or he is trying to hide something. Im not bying somebody spent 5 months and never tryed tieing it to you guys, then hack into his account to hide proof.

Long time no see how are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am doing well. Good to see you Sappy!

This post needs a lock its handled and done.

This is not my guys so lets move on thanks!