What the most cometitive class.

What the most copetitive class in this game??
I run mostly C which seem pretty popular and cometitive.

Id agree with C being the most ran class atm.

B Class is probably close behind.

I know it’s a lot faster than C, but R class is really fun/competitive. With the ban of the old F1 cars, I would say that it is one of the most balanced classes. That is prolly just my bias though because it is my favorite lol.

C followed closely by B imo.

B is really cool mates. There is all kinds of things that can compete in that!

Honestly every class is competitive. I run B class the most but that doesnt mean its the most competitive i just like the car choices in that class.

Thats a tough question. There is a first place on every leaderboard in every class. I race S and I win an lose all the time.

B seems to be pretty competitive, the amount of useable cars is good too. It’s my favorite.

Although, as for competitiveness I would say the best for online is the GT series. I’ve been running that the past few nights.


Agreed. Car choices are slim in gt series but they’re very competitive

What about leaderboards.

Whichever class has the most diverse top 10. Probably b or c but c class especially hasnt been hit very hard by the elites yet

GT Racing.