What Rhymes With Chuffed?

…a pleasant, very pleasant surprise in my inbox this evening - A new GUFT!!!

…came with this message from flip “new GUFT car in ur inbox_ pls pass around :)”

(for the uninformed, a GUFT is a sweet, Gifted-Free, Unlocked, Tuned car that I’d say trumps any ol’ Unicorn ;^)

Do you want one of your very own? (I’m pretty sure you do ;^) – just send me a Friend Request saying “GUFT me please!” and I will try and do my best dazza impersonation and get one to you! - all I will ask is that you post a picture here of your new toy! Deal?

May the 4 be with you!


There you go, thanks!

Sorry, link instead of pic for some reason… :confused:

uploading pictures is an unnecessarily onerous process - for sure!

There is a link to a howto post pictures in the OP, but here it is again:


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3 so far out there, all free unlocked and origional

I got mine ;] Thanks, DL and Flip FDH ;]

For a full 12 photo session - head over to my Photo Gallery and take a look ;]


Woohoo…checked my Forza inbox, and got these beauts…

Many thanks to Flip and Leek for sorting them out.
Last time GUFTs were going out I am pretty sure the thread was about 3 or 4 pages by now. I helped send some out as well. LOL. How things change.

Oh, is the Porsche available as well? Cheers.

YEA! …folks don’t know what they’re missin’ ;^) (Thanks again flip! …maybe we can colab on some?! …requests? …ideas?)

I asked him for the Porsche, but… I don’t think he’s sent me a copy - yet.

I also have most, but not all, of the old(er) ones (check flip’s thread) - I can probably fulfill some orders of those - if there’s interest.

Got mine as well. :slight_smile:

Did I hear back issues?!? I will take what I can get Leek!

I hope I’m understanding the purpose of the GUFT cars, and not making the creator angry, the badge on the car says, “Paint It Like You Stole It.” So…I did. :slight_smile:

*** Forgot to mention – I played with the paints a little as mentioned, but I have no intention of selling, or adding to my Store. ***

Thanks Flip for the GUFT cars, awesome man!!

Thanks DesigningLeek for delivery. :slight_smile:

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Got mine…Thanks Flip for the cars and thanks DesigningLeek for the delivery!