{GUFT} Amatuer paint comp, free tuned car gifted unlocked

Part 2

A good racing friend recently agreed to let me gift his C class tuned 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am as a GUFT release, so to add to my other release tonight I thought I’d offer an amatuer painting comp.

If you want in just ask for the car (you must be on my friend list so I can gift it) and you’ll receive it built and tuned with Uberflatlanders awesome mechanical skills applied, then you need to have a go at painting and gift it back to me.

I’ll ask Uber to judge the paints and winner will receive 10mil cr for 1st place down to 2 mil credits for 5th, the car will then be offered tuned and painted as a GUFT unlocked release right here on this thread.

** Please only enter if you are happy to share your paint UNLOCKED **

So let me know who wants in and I’ll gift the cars out, final judging will be completed whenever uber agrees to judge them ( not asked him yet LOL) and has made a decision.

Now get those requests in and make this car look as good as it goes (by the way I loved the tune)!



RacingBerzerker - Car gifted

Savoury69 - Car gifted - Paint received

A11eyesonme - Car gifted - Paint received

deeps again - Car gifted - Paint received

HLR Juggernaut - Car gifted - Paint received

FAA MAD JAMMER - Car gifted

Cipher1962 - Car gifted

Designingleek47 - Car gifted

SFXM HALO - Awaiting FR

I’ll give it a go. My painting isn’t up to much mind. :slight_smile:

Thanks Berzerker, don’t worry you can’t be worse than me! I think changing the colour is an acheivement LOL. This is just for giggles so enjoy mate :slight_smile:


Right, sod it I’m in… prepare for a naff pink abomination.

Nice one Savoury, pink’s my favourite colour too !!!


I have a pink paint that you may like then, it is something I did a couple years ago
for the Pink Cure Susan G. corp

I suppose you think it’s really funny sending me one that’s already pink!!!… thanks ‘mate’, what am I supposed to do with it now? Maybe add a nice hint of puce or go all out and replicate the dulcet tones of a 1970’s avocado bathroom suite?

I dunno, some people…

Cheers bud ;O)

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Sorry Savoury, I couldn’t resist LOL. I’m sure you’ll add something interesting to the background colour mate.

IM GAME I JUST GOT DONE doing one Not to good at the painting yet

I’d like to give this a shot as well, I like to paint but I definitely could use some improvement.

I’ll throw something in, I have only few stickers which I’m allowed to share, and I’m useless in doing those, so don’t expect miracles =)

Don’t bother with the car, I got 3 of those already, so I’ll just send the paint.

Thanks Juggernaut, I’ll gift you the car once we have a winning paint as I really want people to experience the tune Uber has done on it.

Can I ask everyone who enters to send me an XBL message stating which paint they have on the car when sending back to me, I want to easily keep track of who sent what for the judging.



Hey Daz Im not a great painter but I will give it a shot, shoot me one my way Thanks Jammer

Hi guys. What has Dazza signed me up for here!!
The Pontiac was just tuned to earn me “The Bandit”, but turned out to be not bad all round. See if you can beat The Bandit round Ladera Short R, I have 2 million credits waiting in a lock up on the west coast for the first 5 players to beat my time of 39.346. Time must be a PB or post a replay on your sf keyword IAMTHEBANDIT

Good luck all!

I do not consider myself very good at coming up with interesting, original paint designs and it seems to take me a really long time to “paint” in this game! - but I think uber just tempted me into this! I don’t know if I can beat The Bandit… but I have to find out! (it’s not about the credits!)

I am constantly amazed at the designs folks come up with and are able to produce - and I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of this!

I already sent the car back to dazza i didnt know there was goin to be a challenge thrown down

I should be gifting my paint back tonight. Fantastic setup on it thanks for sharing it I have to give Ladera a go.

first go at it (thanks, BTW!)… 41.557 - is a slippery one, this track - good thing I haven’t painted it yet because I left a lot of it along that concrete wall, you know the one… along the downhill right hander. haven’t given in yet though!

lol yea Leeks I’m right there with you left quite a bit of paint also.