The Auction House and Unicorn cars - Never Recieved!

…this one-right here!! is NOT for you… -Ooh its one for the money no doubt

Perhaps you should show us your colouring of lines. Looking forward to that.


Hope it’s better than their use of punctuation…


Woah, I think it’s trying to communicate! O.O


Have you tried looking in the storefronts? Guaranteed to be cheaper than the AH and you only have to buy the design once to be able to apply it to different tunes for the same car if it’s a favourite car.

Try looking through the fantasy & race livery sections of the forums and you might be surprised at what you can see, even this late in the game.

I’d be interested in seeing some of your designs as well, very easy to criticize others about their ‘lame’ efforts if you’ve not actually painted anything yourself. Might not be quite as easy as you think.

& Pretty sure you’ve missed the boat as far as unicorns are concerned - if you’d participated in February’s design competition, you could have won a full set of the cars but that was the last one offering them.

  • ive kept quiet all this time…I should have tried harder. your right - first mistake is don’t put Nothing into no forum you cant take out- lesson accomplished. I saw your catalogs of designs, nice cars …none the less its back to white knuckle poor boy racing - peace
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Perhaps you should edit (i.e., remove) your first post in this thread then… Just a suggestion. Nacho


Good recovery!! :slight_smile:


I can not post my old cars…i have no idea whats wrong I have a flicker accnt…grrrrrrrrrr… what ever