What is wrong with FH4 online? Almost every player is invisible

Ive been running into this issue since launch. And have yet to hear a reasonable explanation as to why this happens… How am i supposed to enjoy playing with other players when I cant even interact with them… Included Will be a perfect video for evidence. This happens to me on a regular basis… Don’t even get me started on NO VOICE CHAT ALMOST 2 MONTHS INTO THE GAME!!!

This is unacceptable for a AAA game such as this… They need to be addressed and fixed!!!

Here is the video as an example of what happens to me in 99% of the lobbies I join…


Have you been around before this game was launched? The developers explicitly said that everyone would be ghosted so people wouldn’t have to worry about being constantly rammed by random players.


Watch the video. It’s not ghosting.


This isn’t a ghosting issue though. I have posted about this before. I’ve had players vanish during races, only seeing their name tags and nothing else.
I really should get a video of this put together and post it, but I’m quite lazy and enjoy driving too much lol.

Was going to paint a car, but I can probably spend a few minutes on a video to post up shortly.

Invisible Players

I got the ultimate edition so i got it early, but no I didn’t get it post launch. This only happens in open world lobbies. Not during races. Also Not during a forzathon event. Just randomly happens all over the map. I really like drag racing. So I tend to favor the couple drag strips on the map. If i see people on the map I fast travel over to them just to find they are invisible. Its very frustrating not being able to interact with people on the map. :confused:


I’ve never run into this issue. That’s odd

I’ve seen that happen when they are in a forzathon instance that you aren’t in… they show on the map but you cant see them in the world. But I’d expect them to be running up and down the strip there for the speed trap… maybe they’re playing in a co-op or pvp instance but more goofing off than actual racing?

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The only time I’ve seen that happen is during a Forzathon Live. It’s a common occurrence for me as well, hopefully it will get sorted out soon.

Here is an Team Adventure where it clearly shows other players cars completely vanish even though they are clearly not ghosting, since you can’t see nothing but gamer tags. If not for the gamer tags you would think I just recorded an empty track, that’s why I have them on.
This is just one of many display issues in the game.

video of invisible cars

You got into the Anti-Ramming System Enhanced beta test?! WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!?!

Seriously though, that is weird, I cant say I’ve seen anything quite like that on either my xbone or pc (yet). A few shots in the dark here, but if you’re on PC have you tried a different vid driver or repairing/reinstalling fh4? Maybe try tweaking the graphics settings down a notch to see if you’re bumping up against video memory limits?

It’s defintely not tied to PC because I had this bug numerous times on Xbox One X (60fps performance mode). From what I remember it happened mostly in cross-country races. Had it happen on the track shown in the video too.

This is on an Xbox One.

I’ve had this happen a few times, apparently I uploaded the same video twice, but I do have another time this happened captured.
The race before this one was fine, as was all races after this one. Every time it happens I panic because I’m not a smash em up racer and don’t want to wreck them, but it appears I make no actual contact with them when it does happen, atleast my car never reacts like it hit any of them, not even sure if they can see me.
And as you see, not everyone is invisible, I think it’s just my opponents that are, but not 100% sure since I didn’t really see many of my own team because they remained behind me or just quit.

I hope they can sort it out.

happens to me too, I thought it was because they had a lag spike

Can we have an offical answer to this? Is this how the game supposed to work? And if so, what is the explanation to intentionaly program such weird behaviour without in-game explanation? I am having this since I bought the game. Online freeroam is like solo play without players to play with. 90%, or even more of the other online players are invisible for me. I see them on the map, but not on the mini-map or in-game, same like OPs case. I am on PC. I am feeling like I will go back to FH3 soon because I finished the expansion, I can not test cars and tunes in FH4 without proper rivals, online is a wreckfest and again 90% of the free roam lobby is invisible, there are no players to interact with.

I only recently noticed this too. Kind of a buzzkill to have 75 people in a lobby and only see 5-7. Maybe its to reduce lag playing online?

I can’t remember if it was always like this, I don’t think it was.