Can see players on the map but when i drive to them they're not there?

I’m on the DLC island and when driving around the world feels a little dead, I can’t see anyone on the roads only on the map in the pause menu
. Is it possible to “re-load” the area without just finding a new session?

Make sure you are properly patched up. Found int he base game that you could see other players on the map but they wouldn’t show up when you drove over to them. Turned out we were missing a patch. Why you can join a server with the incorrect patch I don’t know. Patching fixed it.

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Also sometimes they disappear when they are in a pause menu.
So could be AFK.

Maybe they’re all avoiding you…

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The game is fully updated

Most of them seem to be moving on the map

That’s probably it honestly.

I have the same problem. I opened a support ticket and @RetroKrystal has been following up on it. I hope it gets resolved because it is very annoying. My last statement I made to her was that the problem is much worse on the Island. Big map shows there can be 20 people beside me but when going back to the game, they are nowhere to be found.

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Ah, well, let me tell you about the way they looked, the way they drove, and the colour of their cars: the Fords were often blue, the Caddies shining white, but they’re not there.

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Only a portion of players in the lobby will appear in the world. Whether to reduce client rendering load or as a bug, I do not know.

If that were the case then there is ways to improve it. Why render a player on the other side of the map and not the one next to me? There should be a set distance in which not only the game, but players as well, should be rendered at. Whether it be what is viewable infront of you as you drive or rendering only everything shown in the mini-map and loads more as you drive in a certain direction.

The DLC area still seems much more aggressive than the mainland, as far as not rendering more than a few cars on screen, which seems puzzling since it’s a smaller, discrete landmass. I’m guessing it’s a bug.

The game has never rendered everyone in a server, for fairly obvious load reasons. But Fortune Island seems to be behaving too over the top.

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I love the game but I can’t get past the problem of not seeing all of the online players. I see at least 60 players in online free roam list, but I only get to physically see like five players. Do I need to do something? Am I missing something? SOS. XD

No idea whether this has been followed up on, but it seems to fix if you go into settings and turn ghost off then turn it back on.

this is happening to me aswell
its how i ended up here

Its def not to ease the rendering load. There is a radius thats around the car and at a set distance to others players disappear and then reappear out the other side when beyond the radius. Its been going on for well over a month, tried multiple idea’s (ghost on/off) yet it continues. The only players that don’t seem to disappear are sub tier 1 players & I haven’t had a decent FAST paced race in weeks…
It seems to be a shadow ban or some other “solution” that allows players to continue but the only competition thats encountered just present challenging races ultimately losing interest in game and eventually quits playing. Seeing that this issue has been occurring to others for well over a year and it hasn’t been addressed or fixed says its intentional coding and not a bug.

Haven’t recived a warning nor a ban ever on any game the game was always fast paced and always somthing going on but now can take an hour before a player finally joins any Co-op or PVP races, when i do… Sub tier player.

hi, i got a few weeks ago a laptop to play games, especially forza horizon 4, i can see them on the big map and when i’m teleporting to them they just disappear ( from the mini-map too). From the day that i installed FH4 on the laptop ( i was playing on a Xbox One S before ) i had this essue and if they are using the chat i can see the messages. Is there a solution to solve this problem?
The players are not in a Forzathon live, most of them are doing drag racings at the highway.

-I’m playing on a ASUS TUF F15, if this information help in some way.

Think there is some limit how much Players are displayed