Gameplay - Some players appear to be invisible to others during races (1656638)

I haven’t seen a post about this issue so I’m starting one.

I play on PC and I use Shadowplay. In case you don’t know what it is, it’s basically a GPU feature that constantly records the last X minutes. With a press of a button, it dumps that X minute into a video file. I set mine to 1 minute. I use this feature in case I happen to come across a fellow respectful driver or I use it to record rammers to report them. I even bothered to report one person but haven’t got a reply in 11 days (nice!). That’s a post for another day though.

Let’s focus on this major issue right now. I’m gonna show some examples and walk you through them.

Invisible 1st Place

This one is pretty straightforward. I started at the back of the grid and made my way up to 2nd place. I was trying to catch the guy in 1st place but I didn’t have enough time. We finished the race and suddenly, this Jacob guy appeared on top of the leaderboard. I was confused so I messaged CED and asked if he saw him. He was as surprised as me and said no but it was clear that we both couldn’t see him during the race.

I’m Invisible

I have two clips for this race but let me explain this one first. There were at least three people who couldn’t see me during this race. vulCAINoe, LonerHC and Discovery VII.

At 0:28, LonerHC takes the racing line as if my car wasn’t there and pushes me off the track. At first, I thought to myself “okay. some people are blind. whatever”.

At 0:49 though, something weird happens. vulCAINoe takes the racing line as if I’m not there. As you can see, he’s bashing my car off the track while turning into me and he drives off unaffected. Side note, that’s not how physics works.

You can see how angry I am “thanking” him repeatedly. At first, I thought it was netcode because the idea of being invisible to other drivers didn’t even cross my mind at that time. But this was the moment I started to get suspicious. Something wasn’t right.

Invisible Again

This is the second clip from the same race. This time LonerHC takes the racing line through the final corner as if I’m not right next to him. I got bashed and lost speed but as you can see, nothing happened to his car. On the first corner, Discovery dive bombs into me and drives off unaffected. Then LonerHC sees the gap (even though my car is there), pushes me off to the grass, and a moment later, pit maneuvers me into the wall.

Now believe it or not, I finished this race in P1. Then I messaged LonerHC to gloat. Not my proudest moment but I couldn’t help myself. I said, “despite your pit maneuver, my P1 goes to you”. The guy replies, “what are you on about? I didn’t even see you”. That was the moment my suspicions were confirmed. Some people can’t see each other.

Now He’s Invisible

On this one, I’m in a group with some people. There’s Bloody Lipp, Kryptonian and a couple more people at the back. My voice wasn’t recorded because I forgot to set it up before the race but it’s not important.

As I recall, Bloody Lipp qualified in 1st place and Kryptonian was 2nd. But when the race started, I couldn’t see Lipp so I asked if he got disconnected. As you can hear, he said he was there but he definitely was not on my screen. I told him to stay the f away from me since I didn’t wanna ruin his race. If you look at the leaderboard on the top left, you can clearly see his name in P1 at the beginning. Then he drops off according to the leaderboard.

That’s about it.

Look, I’m not blaming any of the drivers shown in these videos. It’s not their fault.

And I enjoy the game. If I didn’t I wouldn’t bother spending half an hour writing all this. When the game works, it’s amazing. Starting from the back of the grid and making my way up to top 5 while driving as cleanly as possible is such a joy to me. But then again, it’s equally worse when I visit shadow realm due to the fact that some people around me simply can’t see me.

I don’t blame the player anymore. I blame the game.

Please fix your game.

This was happening FM7 at the odd time. I raced in a private league with private lobbies. It didn’t start happening until about two years ago. I wonder if it’s a glitch with the server-side code that was starting to be deployed before the official release of FM8. We saw a lot of server issues over the last couple of years before FM8 went live.

We of course were very aware of it because we all were racing in the same chat call and therefore if someone got rammed because they were ghosted or invisible we’d here about it right away.

online game, E class

I saw the leader car go off the road on the second lap
then disappear, I thought the player had left the game
I did the whole race first
but at the end of the race, surprise, I finished second
the opponent has reappeared

movie :

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yesterday we had a full private lobby and had the same issues.
some players had invisble opponents and could only see maximum 5 cars instead of 24.
the error occured for both platforms, xbox and pc users.


Add this one to the list:

I’m gonna be posting a new video until SOMEBODY from Turn 10 acknowledges this issue.

We were having a close battle with the Porsche but on the last turn, the Viper driver rams into me because he can’t see me on his screen. The Porsche driver thinks I RAMMED INTO HIM and tries to take me out on turn 1. I manage to survive, concede the position (eventhough I wasn’t who caused the incident).

You may ask how I know the Viper driver doesn’t see me on his screen. First, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been in this situation before and two, watch the end of the clip below;

It was soooooooooooooooooooo annoying not being able to overtake him because if he decided to take the racing line, he would simply take me out and drive off because again, HE CAN NOT SEE ME.

Anybody from Turn 10. ARE YOU THERE? Like posting a message like “oh thanks for bringing this issue to our attention, we’ll get on fixing that” too hard?

Edit: Oh I forgot to mention, everytime this happens, my rating goes from S to B because the game thinks I’m at fault. It’s okay though since rating system is a myth and doesn’t exist.

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I just realized something. I’ve seen cases where my proximity arrows show a car but I don’t see a car in my mirrors! I think there was likely an invisible car near me that the arrows were picking up but not the car. Is that your experience?

Yeah I’ve noticed proximity arrows getting stuck. It’s another bug and it happens on a regular basis. It doesnt move around, just goes static and points to a single direction. When I look back, there’s nothing there. It returns to normal behaviour when another car starts trailing me. I’m not sure if it’s tied to a ghost vehicle that I can’t see.

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Sigh. Yep, that is what I see

I wish that was my only problem. Getting stuck behind a driver who literally can’t see you is a huge bummer. You have to wait for them to mess up a corner. That’s the only way to overtake them. If you go near them, they just take you out as if they have an invisible force field around their car.

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Alright this is the last one. I’m gonna stop spamming this topic because I opened a ticket and sent T10 a video clip. They said they’re looking into it.

Whenever I encounter this issue, I send a message to that driver and ask if they were able to see me during the race. So far none of them returned my messages but this dude kindly replied and confirmed the situation.


Exactly what it says, someone bumped me in a corner while racing and they teleported away, and disappeared from leaderboard. but at the end of the race, they finished first. This has happened in Open Meetups too.

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Cars going invisible is getting worse and worse, its happened several times now in private lobbies when cars hit each other, crash, pit, or sometimes just drive along normally. There’s no rhyme or reason I can find to cause cars to go invisible as often and consistent as they are.

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So I have seen this specific issue posted maybe once or twice with no feedback/acknowledgement from the devs so I will post a topic here.

So some friends and I get together every other weekend for endurance races. Each race about 2.5-3 hrs in length. The races always start fine, but during the course of the race certain drivers disappear for others. The driver that disappears is never consistent across the lobby, and certain drivers report that an entirely different driver may be invisible for them that is different than the other players’ reports in the lobby. Makes it really hard to pass when we aren’t sure the other person sees us on their screen.

For what it is worth, I am playing on XSX, but I know this is not a console specific issue, as we have a very even mix of PC players and console players in our lobbies every time, and it seems to be getting worse over time. We juat wrapped up our 4th race last night, and thebfirst race we held is the only time this issue has not occured.

Seen this in a few Private Multiplayer lobbies too, where another driver simply doesn’t see me at all and thus isn’t affected by vehicle collision (whereas I or another driver are).

Today it happens to me tooo. and on top the missing Texture Bug in Singleplayer… SOOn we will Play on a Black Screen.

Its not funny @ All, but maybe in the future i must use the Blind Driving Assists :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m surprised that there are not more posts about this. This has been widely reported throughout the competitive racing communities as being a game-breaking bug.

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This has been a known bug since the end of last November? Turn 10 review this clip to see the damage, and possible further damage if not noticed early in a league race that will greatly affect the Forza league community.

i was Racing With a Community end of last year and had this Glitch happen and I couldn’t See the Host but they could see me
My Clip

Their Clip

this also happened again before New Years Eve while Racing with another community where I could only see 3 cars in the whole lobby for my First Race (sadly I don’t have personal Footage of this but I have found this Twitch VOD upload)

and the Clip of the Host Confirming a Comment

TBH for the FailRace videos there is a Pre Race - Race to hopefully push the Invis problem aside but it doesn’t always work

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Can confirm the above, as Dodge’s invisibility has caused me to get yeeted off the track multiple times :sweat_smile: