What is the worst car you ever won from a wheelspin?

Does that comment make them young or old ?

Curious …

Probably about 15 or 16 going by most his comments

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At least the Renault is more than 5,000 CR

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I can’t say any car has been the “worst” although I’ve auctioned off a few of the Ferraris, BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes that I’ve gotten. Mostly, Not a fan of the Benz brand (they just don’t appeal to me), and the other two I keep may favorites, because just don’t want every car they have in the game. What I hate is when the prize spin stops on 2000cr only a few clicks away from either an awesome car or huge cr amount.

That Blue HE Corvette, I’ve gotten 5 of those, But I can never get the Challenger HE or Supra HE.

I’ve gotten a Challenger HE, and it sucks, even when maxed. People will buy out the Supra, and there was once when I was millimeters from getting one. I almost threw my controller at the TV. The worst car that I have ever gotten is pretty much everything I’ve ever gotten except a Huracan, the Challenger HE, and probably an older Ford GT. The Ford GT wasn’t 2017, but it wasn’t the MK II either. I can’t remember the year.

It’s not so much the cars it’s winning 2000cr over and over and over again. Most cars you win that you have already can get you upwards of 10k cr just by selling them straight away which is what I do.


It doesn’t even matter about the worst car. I have the ultimate version and have most of the cars. Some good cars I have I’ll never use. So winning cars no one will buy from me will just seat there and unable to get rid of them. Unless the car is real nice, I’d rather get 5K. At least I’ll be able to use that money lol

I won 2 Lamborghini Countach HE’s after they were given to everyone. the second one I didn’t even bother with, and took the money.

“Yes I would like to take that 80k instead of that car that has a 200k minimum Auction House bid preset.”

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It’s only worth 200k in auction if you can find a buyer.

That was the entire point of putting it within quotes. No one is going to buy it. I guess no one caught the sarcasm.

Even if you win a duplicate from a wheelspin, regardless of whether or not it is one of the “worthless” Horizon Editions, you can only collect a credit reward nowhere near the 200k minimum auction start bid. -_-

My bad, apologies.

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I can continue the rant, yes? :slight_smile:

On the next episode, we… or rather I will be voicing my opinions on the price fluctuation of wheelspins from 50k to 70k and how they were essentially rendered completely useless past that point.

Maybe he doesn’t want to bother with the auction house because of the fact that everyone was gifted one, his may not sell for a long time? Just a thought… I was ready to delete a C63 AMG HE just to be rid of it after several failed attempts to auction it off. When I told one of my friends that plays FH3 about it, he bought it.


Lykan Hypersport

Definitely, That thing is trash. It can’t even keep up with anything in its class.

At least it’s nice to just drive around.

Don’t think that Lamborghini Countach HE is the worst, at least you can get 80K
Worst car was I didn’t even know what I’ve got. Just forgotten.
I have searched though my garage and didn’t know which one it was.
So it worth nothing or even -XXK for the time I spent to search it.
Luckily I don’t have to pay Warren for garage keeping, otherwise there might be extra CR paid.

The clio isn’t that bad, but because of doing the goliath yesterday, I now own 8 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 HE, all from wheel spins.