What is the worst car you ever won from a wheelspin?

Recently, I opened up a wheelspin after doing a lap in a Goliath race, I won probably the worst thing in the game.

Renault Clio Williams made want to break my controller…

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Can a Clio Williams really be that bad? I think it’s quite a good car in Horizon 3!


Well it sure is better than the countless times I’ve won an RSX.

Loooooool I think I’ve gotten like 6 or 7

The worst cars are those you have up for auction which nobody buys for the lowest starting bid while you get another one from a wheelspin and can’t sell it back for the half to the AS…

can’t be as bad as getting 2k money all the time, at least the clio you could most likely spruce up into a rally hatchback

I picked up a TVR Sargis untouched for only 10K this way

This. I mostly dislike winning any cars with wheelspins as I usually don’t want them, and end up just deleting them. At least in FH2 if you won a car you’d get the credit value as well (with VIP), but now you get nothing.

I’m most upset on some valuable cars that just don’t sell. Like the maranello.

Least pleasant to receive has been a Fiesta. And the huge Transit.

Fiat 500

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The greatest two word thread response ever. Absolutely zero context explicitly given yet everyone understands.

FIAT 500.

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Any of the BMWs I won. The runner up position goes to any Ferraris I’ve won on a spin.

Then again, from the perspective of filling out my collection, getting the cars I hate practically for free is probably better than getting cars I actually want and don’t mind buying…


“Worst thing in the game” and “Renault Clio Williams” should not be used together in the same content unless there is a “Is nowhere close to” between the two.

I’d rather a Clio Williams than most other cars in the RNG list.


I’ve got at least 3 Vauxhall Astra VXRs that I can’t get rid of no matter what. So to win yet another one is quite frustrating.

That’s when the delete button comes into play :blush::blush::blush:

Honda NSX

multiple times , and it’s the same one everyone was gifted , so being VIP had 2 already
delete immediately unless given the option to sell instead

That Clio williams clunker. Or that acura rsx or whatever.

I’ve never received a “worst” car… there is always the option to sell. I own every car available, and I’m working on racing each one on Goliath. It’s a game… Free is free.


to me top 5 worst cars
1953 corvette 5 times
renoult clio 200 rs twice
chrysler 300 srt8 4 times
1997 civic type r 10 times
1970 challenger 12 times

all of them.

Expected response from you
Just showing your age

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