What is the point of FP?

I was hoping to get some cars I can not buy with FP, but it mostly has cars you can buy in the game.
Surely the whole point is to get something you cant buy, after all, credits are easy to come by. It irks me to see purchasable cars as “rewards” !

I cant seem to find a Zenvo TS1 anywhere … and thats just the tip of the iceberg :slight_smile:

Agree entirely. I wish some cars were only obtainable from FP. Likewise only obtainable from seasonal objectives.

The only thing I want to buy with FP is the police siren but I have no idea when it will be available…

The police siren just became available in the super 7 this series I was so happy when I saw that.

Thank you

I will buy cars in the Forzathon Shop that I don’t want to spend a lot of credits on, because I don’t find credits particularly easy to come by, certainly not to throw down millions on cars that I only want for collection purposes.

I’d buy spins there if they were 1/10 the current price.

And I keep hoping that black and silver wrestling outfit will show up there…

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In an ideal world. they’d use the FP market thing to allow people to buy time-locked / series locked cars that a person might have missed from the previous week.

Isn’t one of the 300 FP cars this week just a common car you can buy cheaply in the autoshow? Did they do this in FH4? I don’t remember. It does seem to devalue the whole system.

I don’t know if this is a bug or intended but I used a few thousand of my points to buy multiple super wheelspins this week. Each time I bought one, a message popped up to say I couldn’t do it because it was one per customer or whatever, and then it proceeded to let me buy it anyway. lol.

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It allows u to buy and gift to friend or community for the secret santa thingy

The Peel? They can keep it, hopefully nobody gets one, ever, so it stays off the rivals boards :smiley:

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Some cars are seasonal only. Those cars come to store later.

The civic coupe was only available via the forza shop and as far as I’m aware the R8 variant and the current wagon was/is only available via the forza shop.