What i would like to see in the new Forza Motorsport

can we see some more concept cars in the next game like the lamborghini vision GT and the lamobrghini Sian FKP 37

We would like to see more tracks, more locations, either official circuits or something like the amalfi coast or fujimi…just more of that

:100:. I really want more Japanese maps. Tsukuba, Fuji, Ebisu, etc. I would also love for Fujimi Kaido to be brought back. And a very important map which Motorsport has never had is a Japanese highway like Shutoku Revival Project. There is such a massive fan base for Japanese highways and it will definitely be an amazing addition to Forza. I also think the car list should include a lot more newer cars i.e. Toyata GR86, Toyota GR Yaris, 2022 Audi Rs6/Rs7, 2021 Audi Rs4/Rs5, 2022 Bmw M3/M4, Maserati MC20, Ferrari Sf90, 2022 Porsche 911 Gt3. Also with regards to cars, I really believe there should be a plethora of bodykits including bumpers, sideskirts and spoilers even if they’re fictional/no name brand for all cars. Also when painting our cars we should be able to paint everything including trim details, badging and also add stickers onto windows. Another feature which would take things to another level in customization is being able to change the style of exhaust and change the colour of the head and taillights.

With regards to gameplay. I believe if you really want this game to last a good few years we should have a “zero to hero” progress system. Gran Turismo does this well. Another feature which would add to the game is a type of licensing system which Gran Turismo has. It teaches players the basics of racing and advanced techniques and is also very challenging.

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