What I don't like about Horizon

Hi there,

Just a little disclaimer: English isn’t my first language, but I hope I can get my points across.

It doesn’t feel rewarding
Regardless how many rewards the game gives me, it just doesn’t feel rewarding in any way. It may be because the game just gives you way too much. It feels like you get a new car or a new thing every 5 minutes and I only get annoyed by all those notifications and notification bubbles. And the only reason for me to check those rewards out is to make the bubbles go away.

But I have some suggestions:
Less rewards but therefore more iconic cars.

You get rewards for everything you can do. And this is just too much. Also, it feels like it was too much for the designers so they added those Forza Link text phrases. I don’t want to be rude, but does anyone care about those? Like clothing for my avatar or new gestures. Really, I couldn’t care less.
WAY better would be decorations for my cars, like little toys I can add to my dashboard. Special stickers for my car or funny stuff I can put on the roof of my car. Or special paint jobs, special effect fin
ishings, whatever. Something I can see and show off in the game.

Then there are wheelspins, super wheelspins, the car collection and all the other stuff that can’t wait to throw a new car at you. It would feel more rewarding if I actually have to accomplish something to get those. Like winning a championship. Speaking of championships. Why is it, that it doesn’t matter if I win? Wouldn’t it be cool if could win something cool by winning?
I don’t know, but after all those years of Forza Horizon, it’s still a brilliant game and I love the idea. But it feels like nothing really changed since the first one. Except the number of rewards. And while it is really fun to play it never really felt rewarding and at this point, it looks a bit awkward to me how you tried to change that.

And then there is the multiplayer. Not talking about the technical issues here. It is fun to jump into an online match and just drive with a couple of other random players. But whenever I try to play it with friends, every single one finds it confusing, including me. Even though most of us played most Forza games.
The biggest issue is that there is no clear path. You often jump into the middle of an event you don’t want to participate in, even though you started with a group of friends and just wanted to play with them. On the other hand, it’s really cool to free roam (when it works) with your friends and compare and test cars and so on. But we miss an option to just open a lobby and play one specific mode and choose the tracks from a list we actually want to play. Horizon always seems to make this way more complicated than it have to be.

I have to agree on the whole clothing / emotes / chats / Links etc.
I have always hated the introduction of chat and never use it or Link - it’s taken away the whole interactive part of FH ( which they said was supposed to promote it ) because now the mics are totally silent.
I always loved even just listening to people ACTUALLY chatting in real life whether I was getting in on the chat or not.

The introduction of quickchat has done the complete opposite of what they said it would do. Nobody gets on mic at all these days unless you’re on with some mates.
Just a sad, lonely game for me as most of my friends don’t even bother now.