What happens to earned influence / level if I delete my local and cloud saves?

What happens to earned influence / level if I delete my local and cloud saves?
Is it tied to my Gamertag? Stored on Horizon servers?
Would I be reset to level 1 and zero influence?

I’m asking because that Day One Patch messed something up and I can’t load into the game with my profile.
If I load up a different gamertag on the same Xbox, the game works fine. Leads me to believe something happened to my save.

Maybe that’s not the case but I’m just about willing to try anything now. I’m going onto Day 3 without being able to continue my game.

I would like to know this as well since the patch killed my save file.
Haven’t heard a response yet and would really love to play the game again after spending a lot on the Ultimate edition.

What happens in every other game if you delete your local and cloud saves? You start over from 0


Yeah you’re probably right. You know what makes me wonder though?
The way you can collect Influence / XP by watching live Mixer streams of Forza Horizon 4… it’s being saved on a server somewhere, counting up until you log into your game to sync it up.

How do you do that? Are you logged in with Mixer? Are your Microsoft and Mixer accounts tied somehow?
Will have to try this myself.

EDIT: yes, it has an option to sign in with Microsoft. I guess it’s their platform.

Maybe contact support with that question? (They will takes ages to respond, but at least then they might be able to do something instead of waiting for a possible uncorrupting patch)