Mixer influence

I watched several streams before the game came out but my mixer lvl or influence never carried over. I have progressed well beyond the prologue and I sign in to my mixer account account with same login as gamer tag. If I watch a stream it still shows my influence increasing, yet nothing in the game. I tried restarting Xbox and the game. Any other suggestions? Thanks

Launch Mixer after you unlock Horizon Life, Though I think it comes automatically after you unlock Horizon Life and visit a house or Hub, If not, try restarting your game after you accomplish the Horizon Life.

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I appreciate your help unfortunately it didn’t work. I still accumulate as I watch but still have been unable to redeem and I’m still at mixer level one. I am now at lvl 73 in the game and really wish I could get the 1M I should have from Mixer.

If anyone has other suggestions I would appreciate it.

Same issue. Already in summer.

Well, I’m not in Summer yet. This may be the reason.

I know someone who also has streamed and viewed quite a few hours of the game and has influence showing on Mixer’s website, but even after he got on the Forza roster and into the summer season he still hasn’t received any of his influence.

same thing is happening to me. on top of that when looking on sit. it showing zero things down in the game. which i already gotten to the life part.

Have you tried relaunching the game? You don’t gain Mixer influence as you’re playing.

Dude the reason it won’t go over is because u watched several streams BEFORE the game came out. Thats why it didn’t work

Dude that’s false information. I watched streams almost since it was announced for the demo, almost two weeks, worked fine

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If you went on Mixer for influence BEFORE YOU GOT TO HORIZON LIFE and or the game you will NOT get that influence.


Though, I had 85k earned while leaving it on last night. Didn’t receive any of it today…

I did earn 30k yesterday, so It was working.

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I am also having the same problem, I stream myself playing and watch others
the influence I’ve earned still hasn’t showed up in game

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Having issues as well, I earn from watching streams, but if I stream myself I get nothing

I used to receive influence rewards from watching on mixer, but I have not been getting when I have played in the last week.