What ForzaRC "should" be

I tried watching some of the early ForzaRC championship broadcasts.

But with the sloppy commentating, bad lighting, awkward transitions, cheap looking sets, and the fact that it was impossible to see any race from the start of the race because the game wasn’t designed to support that … (seriously? that wasn’t a minimal viable product requirement you thought might be important for the scrum board?) I found it absolutely impossible to take seriously.

Then, I watched the GT World Tour.

Just start watching the final race at 03:10:00 …

Maybe you can take some pointers from that, because the difference is striking .. it's like comparing a professional ESPN-level broadcast vs. something recorded on VHS out of a basement on the local community TV station.

TBH – and this is probably my “old school gamer” talking – as good as those production values are, you’re still watching a bunch of dudes and dudettes play video games and I really don’t see the attraction. No matter how shiny the presentation is.

Kinda feel bad for the camerapeople, as they have to find away to make all this look compelling and I would imagine that’s pretty freaking hard to do. I mean, how many times can you zoom in on a guy’s face staring at a video monitor and keep it fresh?

I’ll bet Puma LOVES it, though.

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I totally agree, smoothroller. I only watch when rewards are involved, and then I really don’t watch the racing.

I agree with the OP, I also watched the other games stream and it really is leagues ahead.

Adding on to what has already been said, the Forza stream also appears to drop in frame rate every few seconds, which only adds to making it look less professional.

A game they want to stream, that is incapable of holding a high enough frame rate to look smooth (Nice optimization). They can even use more powerful equipment to fix the issue (A PC) but that’s where the penny pinching lies.