As we pass the 6 month date after release, many of us wonder what is going on. We all know that fixes can introduce more bugs, that is normal. What isn’t normal is shipping with more bugs than you patched, especially ones so visually glaring.

ForzaRC is now just a week away, hooray! Sponsors and drivers are lined up and ready to start, will the game be ready? Will we see multiple race restarts due to drivers being left in the lobby? Perhaps the announcer in Spectate mode will not have sound for a race. Who knows, it might just all work fingers crossed.

Think we’ll get another patch before the end of the will and thusly before ForzaRC? I can’t expect this quality game will be shown in it’s worst state yet to the eSports watchers. What a way to build the brand!

Guess there’s no patch, not surprised considering.

I wish all the drivers luck in the races and with the game.

I’m sure there will be issues, but they have the restart race option so that might help a little

I really enjoyed the whole event, once the few initial bugs were ironed out(pretty quickly too), I thought it ran relatively smoothly. A few had issues on the viewing side through mixer and a few had issues with time counting towards the quests but the gameplay was great. The racing was competitive and fun to watch.
Voting for the car/track combos was cool as were the raffles… even if I was a touch salty Windswept Dragon bagged a headset that I swear had my name on :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I’m not able to watch it. I tried to watch it live, and never saw it taking place. And I’m not able to find a video of it anywhere. If I go to
all I see is a pre-season update, I can’t see any way to watch the races. I’ve looked at the ForzaRC and Turn10 youtube channels and can’t see them on there either.

Where did you try to watch it? I had trouble using the mixer app on Xbox so watched it at the address you mentioned on an iPad, that was the live stream. I think it was ok on twitch also.
I’m not sure if it was uploaded as a video after though and I have no idea if any rewards are still available or if the quests are still working.

I think half of the multiplayer problems are due to the patchy internet connections some people have.

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