What FM8 needs to succeed in 2020

Thoughts on FM8 from the longest standing forza racing club on the planet. 2old4forza.

Could y’all possibly add some random music in the background like in FM3 and I think y’all had the same thing in FM4 although I could be very wrong but just please at least think about it of y’all adding some random music in the background in FM8,and also could y’all add some RALLY and DIRT race tracks like in games like DIRT RALLY-2.0,and DIRT 4 into FM8 and also if possible… (and Yes I’m completely comprehend and understand about copyright laws and what not but it ain’t gonna hurt to mention stuff from other games though is it? the same thing applies to my suggestions for FH5 which y’all probably already have seen it and if not then please do LOL x a million)…could y’all have vehicles from DIRT RALLY 2.0 and DIRT 4 into FM8 just please atleast think about it and I absolutely love y’alls games keep up the great and amazing work

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Please add some new tracks like the Charlotte motor speed way and also bring back some of the old race tracks from FM3 and FM4 like the fujimi kaido and also please add some random background music with people singing (like in FM3) and also some just music playing like the ones from FM3 and music like empire by Polaris or something similar to that kind of music in FM8