What else do y'all play?

So I play just two games generally; Fallout and Forza. One thing I’m looking forward to is the upcoming fan-made DLC for Fallout 4 called Fallout: London. This is a DLC that is as large as the base game plus one of the games original full size DLCs.

A group of around 50 people managed to make this DLC over just 3 years. They built this DLC through a pandemic and a war as one of the major members of the development team are in one of the effected areas.

The Fallout: London team had plenty of assets from the original game to work with but they completely reworked UI and added multiple things that Fallout 4 did not originally have. It has been delayed unfortunately but this is to do needed polishing so fans are generally okay with this as we don’t want to receive an unpolished mess in the end.

Wouldn’t it be great if more development teams could take assets from a previous game and just rework things a bit, have multiple hurdles to have to work through but still manage do it in a reasonable amount of time, and make putting out a finished product a priority? If only I could think of an example that is the exact antithesis of this. :thinking:

Nothing! Everything out now sucks and is boring🙄. I was playing the heck out of Forza Motorsport but Xboxlive banned me for a year because I gave them a piece of my mind and apparently they didn’t like it😂. So I can’t even play Forza Motorsport or any game online Multi-player for a year and Forza’s laziness with the lack of tracks and car’s in single player is so dull and boring I rarely even turn it on now. There no point of playing it anymore because now I can’t show anymore my cars I made🤷. Forza why aren’t all the car’s from all the other Forza games not in this game?

Why aren’t all the tracks from all the other Forza games in this one as well? It should’ve launched with all the all existing cars and tracks. Forza you seriously suck😡. I’m pretty sure you lost my on any other game you come out with because what you did with this game. Sheer laziness! You had 7 years from FM7 what were you people doing???

Well, actually I play “Session” until I get bored which is like 30 minutes lol.

Really I’m here because Forza sucks at letting us know what the hell is happening. When’s the next update Forza the last one was on the 12th of December. When’s the next update Forza? Put the rest of the tracks in the dang game. I’m not waiting that much longer this is bogus man.

“From the ground up” :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: my 🫏ss!

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Been trying out EA WRC lately. Really fun, but has a lot of problems with screen tearing on Series X. Wouldn’t purchase with it in its current state technically.

Went back to Elden Ring for a second playthrough. Recently finished Phantom Liberty playthrough. Going back for the other endings soon. (CP2077 hands down favorite game ever at this point, its my comfort game)

As for racing games? I think the ship has sailed here, so I’m just saving up for a wheel and moving on to a different game. I’ll probably try out Asseto Corsa and AMS 2 as soon as I get one. I want to try iRacing, but I’m poor. We’ll see.

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Mainly FH4 and FH5. I’d love to play the old Motorsport games again so I dug my old OG Xbox out of my closet and ordered a Scart to HDMI converter. I’ll need to fix and check a few issues like the clock capacitor but hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy the OG games soon :sunglasses:


Og game will play on x360 btw.

I play most things outside of Forza.

Farcry6 atm
Aces of The Luftwaffe I got for 2 euro. Lol

Don’t have the time I used to tho

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I play Batman arkham & star wars jedi series. Also for multi-player i play halo infinite, call of duty warzone, fall guys and sometimes fortnite. I also will play starfield.

Just wanted to add, if any of you haven’t played it yet, try out the demo for New Star GP on the Xbox store or I think it’s in early access on Steam too. It’s supposed to be releasing soon according to a post on the subreddit.

The game is the PERFECT blend of arcade racing and strategy. The demo was so good. I can’t wait for the full game.