What do you like better, Goliath 3 or Goliath 4?

For me it’s no question the new Goliath race. While the last one was pretty enjoyable, it had a lot of sections that were just straight flat out and there wasn’t much going on. In Goliath 4 you have to stay focused for the entire lap. There are only a few moments where you can shake your hands out if you’re playing on a wheel and they’re starting to get tired. I find that I am incredibly pulled into the race and the immersion is amazing, as I have to keep myself on the right part of the road at all times to make sure I make the next section. It seems like it has a lot more ‘S’ based back and forth curvy road areas that require at least Minor Adjustments, where Goliath 3 would just let you go straight balls out. Like on the beach section towards the end. Sure it’s not really hard, but you still can’t just keep it floored and not pay attention.

On the downside, because you can’t go over 200 miles an hour for long stretches, it’s harder to string together that ridiculous combo chain you could on Goliath 3. I would level a lot a lot faster on that one than I can on this one. But I still think it’s a good balance and I’ll take Goliath 4 as the winner in this competition.

H4 Goliath is very easy. Not many really tricky spots and a clean lap is easy if you are going for a clean lap. Not sure clean laps carry much weight in H4 though? But there is almost nothing “hard” to crash into in this game so even if you blow a turn it is unlikely that you dirty your lap. I have only run it a couple of times so far in lower classes so I am not sure how the fast cars do. But in H3 Goliath was way more challenging at any class.

H2 Goliath all day long…

This one is easy. In my Senna I’m at 200+ for most of the lap, and I drive with a wheel. In fact the wheel was easier, I shaved over 6 seconds off my controller best just because I can be smoother.

I can’t wait to get my hands on that Senna. I read so many good things on different threads and posts about it.

And I will agree with you about using the wheel. I use a wheel, but occasionally will use the controller when I’m in the living room instead of my workshop playing. And I’m much smoother on that race with the wheel. However when I’m doing a drift run I have much better control with the controller because of the background dampening that happens.

H3, for the exact reasons that OP likes it less. Plus Australia is just much more varied. Jungle, desert, city, beach, forest, cliffs, plains - more interesting track.


I haven’t got to the FH4 version yet but I suspect I will prefer the FH3 version because of the faster sections.

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Definitely agree H3 has a much better varied terrain to look at while you’re driving. Although I like this map better probably because I grew up in the Midwest of the United States and miss all the trees and grass because I now live in Arizona. Playing the Australian one got a little boring being out in the desert since that’s where I drive everyday anyway. But for the Goliath 3 race the mixed visibility and terrain definitely adds to it. Maybe I should go back and race it and see if I actually like it better. It may be a case of this one’s new and I’m playing it now so I feel like it’s better.

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FH3 Goliath was more fun just a bit faster and prettier, FH4 Goliath is just boring a bit slower with some annoying parts in it. Maybe i should drive the FH4 Goliath in winter maybe it’s more fun then. Gonna test this later, i guess not sure yet. :smiley:

I wish the Goliath Race woud be really goliath like, not again this “8 Minuten Fun”. I LOVED the Isle tour in TDU where you need up to ~ 35 Mins even if you used the fastest car in the game (Saleen S7 with manual clutch). The long races in The Crew was also very nice.

Missing this here, because i think the map is way to small.

On Topic i love the new goliath, but i loved it FH3, too.

What do you have to do to unlock the Goliath Race?

Get to Level 20 in Road Racing.
So a whole lot of grinding of those Road Racing races (I did the one you unlock at level 10 at least 20 times, probably even more).

I think I prefer FH4 one, because I didn’t caught the AI cheating in this one and I have see it plenty of times in the FH3 one on the faster parts.
They must have gone at least 500 kph (over 300 mph) in an S1 car to catch up with me from the distance they were at in a couple of seconds. I checked and none of them were to be seen on the minimap (I was going close to 200 mph), I checked again a couple of seconds later and he was extremely close to me. I really hate that kind of stuff and it happened almost every time I did the goliath in FH3.

@ Skulduggery660; be level 100 ( i think )

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I wouldn’t say they cheat less, just different. In H3 they could teleport. In H4 they are always 300 or something meters behind you, no matter how good you drive.

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Exactly this. Once they are out of your view they just stick at the same distance. They don’t have a fixed pace. I was doing 8:30:00s in my S2 998 Elise GT1 and they were just at the edge of the minimap. In the next round I was doing 8:10:00s in my S2 998 Ultima and they were just at the edge of the minimap. All done on “unbeatable”. They always stay in a position where a major mistake will cost you positions.

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Wow 8:10, looks like I have a lot of work to do. Nicely done by the way.

So what you’re really saying is that they need to have a rank or two above unbeatable for those of you that are absolute speed demons. Maybe they should create two new categories: one called Extreme and one called ultimate, for those of you that have rockets attached to your rear ends, LOL!