Favorite car and tune for the Goliath race?

If you don’t want to read a couple paragraphs, just share how you farm Goliath

I’ve been slow playing the game, just enjoying it, goofing around, playing with friends. But it’s time to get serious and do some farming… that means I need to run the Goliath. I haven’t seen any direct threads talking specifically about this race and the best way to farm it for all the different winnings you can get. I’m guessing there are certain cars with bonuses and perk masteries that are better for certain farming attributes: whether that be credits, skills, influence, etc.

So I’m wondering for those of you that are a little further than me in the game or got right to the Goliath, which I know a lot of you did, what you found to be your favorite car for the different types of in-game currency of farming. This doesn’t have to be the min-max meta build. But what you like to drive that also farms well. Also if you could talk about not just the car but how you’ve tuned it. Have you made it strictly for speed or handling or somewhere in the middle. I know on the Horizon 3 Goliath it was mostly flat out speed and you could give up some in the corners so that you could get the better speed on the straights. And lastly what kind of results you are getting as far as credits, influence, skill perk points and level up wheel spins.

Looking through my ever-expanding garage, I think my best option right now is the Agera RS with its ridiculous top speed and 40% ultimate speed skill boost perk. It looks like that thing will be a real winner for farming skills. Anyway looking forward to everybody’s input so we can all become efficient digital farmers, LOL!

Thanks for everybody’s input. This will help me as well as hopefully a bunch of others save time tinkering around. Although I do like to do that, when it comes to farming Goliath I like to get right to the task at hand.

How does one unlock the Goliath?

Ti Hsien - Goliath is unlocked by reaching level 20 in the Road Racing series. You’ll have to do quite a bit of racing to get through 18 and 19.

I’ve been using the Alfa 8C FE for my Goliathing (to coin an awkward word). It has a credits boost; the perks mean you get 3,000 skill points for clean racing on a very regular basis, so it racks up perk points; and its stock S1 tune is very driveable, and I find S1 to be about as fast as I want to go. S2 will lap faster, but I’ll spend more time rewinding the car out of ditches than I’d like, as I tend to tune out sometimes when doing endurance racing. I then change things up by running The Titan and The Gauntlet in a very well tuned C-class '73 Escort (tune by someone called vGhostek, I think).

I have test so far s2 class alfa 8c fe and s2 class lambo reventon fe both of those have credit boost so can easily get 100k+ cr per lap. I build both cars grip first but those have also good enough to speed get lap in under 9m. But when i really start farming i will use only alfa it cornering so mutch better than lambo so it’s abaout 10sec faster per lap. I will tomorrow test how mutch 1 hour race will give skill points and influence.

I haven’t unlocked it yet, im only level 16 for Road Racing. But ran 4 laps earlier with someone else.

My S2 Zonda R FE does well on the track. I’ll probably continue to use that, although for some reason I didn’t unlock the achievement in a 3 lap race. I got 45 skill points in that race.

McLaren Senna with my own X Class tune. Sticks to the road like glue - literally most corners flat out, and does 235mph, 240+ with a draft. Perks all maxed out. Probably not the best points farming car but I get enough for what I need and it’s fun and ridiculously easy to drive to farm influence and credits.

The tune is shared, called Goliath/Colossus. GT: Chojinzo

how the heck to you guys get to level 20 for road racing? Ive done every road race on the map on unbeatable and im only level 13? How to i increase this further with no more races to do? I don’t really “DO MP” or like to play against others/friends or online so that’s not really what im looking for. Please tell me this isnt just a case of farming the same damn races over and over to get to max level 20?

I really feel there should have been enough content and races for each type to get you to level 20, especially as there are no damn championships like in FH3! This game is starting to feel old very fast and ive only had it a week! :frowning:

Grind ‘The Colossus’ race.

Well, you also could’ve blueprinted the circuit races to have more laps, which I believe would’ve gotten you more Influence. But it ultimately is still doing more racing to make progress in a racing game…

At least you CAN grind for progress in Road Racing. The Horizon Stories present potentially impassable progress walls.

Find someone on ‘looking for group’ that is running a few laps off goliath. I leveled road racing from 12.5 to around 16.5 in 4 laps.

I’ll do the same again until I get to level 20 and have the race on my map.

This is pretty good tip, i just got 175k influence by driving 6 laps to goliath, i also get 620k cr (60% diffifcult setting bonus) and over 10 wheelspins and i have allready level 200+

that all depends on what you want. the fastest lap i have on the course is 7:35 in my Ferrari f50 GT, the biggest skill chain i got in a lap was 4 million with the BMW m6 FE drift build. the car i decided to run the full 50 laps of Goliath in was the Aventador FE for the speed skills boost as the back stretch is pretty much flat out. and that took me 7 and a half hours

I just checked Blueprints from the menu, the top ranked blueprint is 3 laps of Goliath. You don’t need the race unlocked to do the blueprint.

Nice an easy to rank up without needing a group.

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