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I searched a bit and wasn’t able to find my answer, so either I suck at searching or it isn’t there.

Is there any differences in payout and XP on Goliath between coming in 1st and any other places? I’m just wondering if it’s worth driving a bit more erratic and winning 1st over driving a little more carefully and trying to get more skill banks.

No, positioning only affects your credits reward, your xp would be the same whether you are 1st or last

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im pretty sure there is a difference in credits between 1st and 2nd, not sure about xp however. I usually do goliath with a skill or xp boost car; it also varies depending on drivatar difficulty, I’m speaking credit wise. if you’re looking to farm credits and you’re high level then go with credit boost, if you’re low ranked I would go with skills or xp boost with all pertinent skill perks for whatever car you choose.

Yeah, I run in the Ford GT HE, and 5 laps manages to get me around 900k credits. I’m just wondering how much of a dent it would make if I don’t get 1st. With almost an hour into these races, I really don’t want to find out the hard way. Figured I would reach out and see if someone has already. I’m just under lvl 500 now, so going with Skills or XP boost cars doesn’t make much sense anymore, from what I understand.

I have just gone through level 700 and want to get to the 1000 level so I’m still using the XP boost Mustang tuned to do laps as low as 11:12 although usually around 11:25-11:30 …

I’m running 6 lap races I get just under 1M CR and 850K XP per race…

I have got 396 cars in the garage with every car below 1M bought and all the current HE cars plus duplicates of a few… All the hypercars I really wanted to progress and every Lamboi , so I just need to keep grinding and save for the Black Friday sales and tend to have around 700+ SP points for buying perks which stays around the same level earning enough in 6 lap races to keep buying the top up perks…

If XP is your only concern, focus on skill chains, as finishing position has zero effect on XP earned. Of course, credit payout varies depending on where you finish.

Currently unless I was a low level (50-200) I would consider XP and use skill car or XP. But I’m coming across to the credit boost and be fast mind set. I win on unbeatable set perks for double credits in exhibition and just go.

Lower levels will win a bunch of wheelspins. I don’t so I don’t even bother factoring them anymore. Credits buy the cars. And if wheelspins are far and few in between just get credits and plenty of them.

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I’m really looking for credits. I’m just wondering how bad it hurts to not get first. If it’s like 20k credits, but I can manage more skill chains and get another level or two out of it in return, then it seems worthwhile. But if it’s like 100k credits difference, then it’s probably not worth it.

I honestly don’t know as I’ve never been any other position than first at Goliath. Not sure I would want to deliberately try. It was all but impossible prior to patch of you did more then a single lap. I will try this on smaller race. But on XP championship 30k it’s just 2 thousand difference I think. I think last place was 20k or 18k but I really not paid attention.

You get XP for distance not position and difficulty isn’t even factored in so you’ll have that on the plus side. I somehow doubt that you can come in second. The AI runs on script it seems, I think you would have to do it on purpose.

From what I read somewhere, credit payouts drop slightly each position from 1st to 2nd to 3rd to 4th, but positions 4-12 are basically the same. The exact amount of dropoff depends on how much the race is worth to begin with, so 10 laps would have a much greater gap in position payouts than 1 lap. If you’re below level 300 and do only a few laps at a time (4 or less), then it would perhaps make sense to go for skill chains. But if you’re level 300+ where the levels get longer, or if you do 5+ Goliath laps at a time, then I would suggest that you make sure to get 1st place.

I believe i get about 130k per lap on goliath when i end up first and around 105k if i end up last , i know this because i tend to test drive cars there when i tune.

I have just been playing “mind games” with the AI while Goliath Grinding…

Everytime I took the lead I would slow and let the first 3 cars past then draft and slingshot them to get back into the lead … then repeat all the way around… This added about 30-40s to the lap time

I Stopped doing this on the last lap from the GOR sign onwards…

I will have to do a few more test to see if the SP from draft/slingshot/ultimate pass is more than the losses from ultimate speed…

But it at least gave me something to look at and try different overtake strategies…

It would be interesting to see if that makes any difference. ^^

And thanks for all the replies. It seems I’m doing it about the best I can based on the feedback so far.

Annoying to hear that credits are the big difference by placing. I did 10 laps recently and in the last couple, rewind bugged out in a big way, putting me back several minutes and leaving the AI cars way ahead when I had been at the front. So I ultimately finished last when I should have been first. Such a buggy game, and not just offroad! I’m down to just 24 cars I need in my garage though. Discounting HE cars, as I keep selling those to gf, who doesn’t care about the cars so has plenty of spare credits :smiley:

If you don’t take exact notes it’s hard to tell what’s more lucrative. My rule of thumbs <L400 = XP Boost Car (especially with VIP Bonus), >400 = Ford GT HE.

Twice a week I do a 12-laps Goliath to get enough XP to place platinum in my club. With the upcoming Black Friday in mind, I took a few notes of my last race:
2017 Ford GT HE (435 km/h topspeed, X-Class), Ford vs. Holden, 12 laps, early afternoon, no time progress, 80% difficulty bonus (no rewind, unbeatable, brake lines, ABS on, traction on, stability off, automatic). All perks unlocked, one-time exhibition bonus activated.
1st place
total race time: 1:54h06s
credits without wheelspins: 2.3 million and a few hundreds.
best lap time: 9:13min, average 9:30min
credits/min: 20,175 (that’s the value we should compare)

XP: can’t recall it exactly, something above 800k
Didn’t note skill xp nor skill points, I simply focus on a clean race, hardly ever drifting. Most skill chains came from speed, clean race and chain-bonus.

I listen to space lounge music during Goliath and the race becomes kinda Zen.

Hey guys. I’ve been running the Goliath Race for several weeks now, usually 12 laps or more per day.
I’ve raced the Goliath race on several difficulties and on several lap lengths. Here are a few of my
races below, showing number of laps, difficulty, and how much CR and XP I got from each.

Ford GT 3 laps on Expert
469,298 (per lap 156,433)

Ford GT five laps on Expert
782,168 CR (per lap 156,433)
279,687 XP

Ford GT 6 laps on Expert
938,603 CR (per lap 156,433)
320,685 XP

Ford GT 12 Laps on Pro
1,908,335 CR (per lap 159,00)
753,641 XP

Ford GT 8 Laps on Unbeatable
1,313,727 CR (per lap 164,216)
450,330 XP

So as you can see, the number of laps makes no discernible difference in CR payout.
XP is dependent on how much XP you rack up.

As for the difference between racing a lap on Pro and Expert is about 3,000 CR.
Difference between a lap for Unbeatable and Expert is about 10,000 CR.

So my payout for racing 12 laps 6 days a week on Unbeatable would be: 11,823,552
Payout for racing 12 laps for 6 days a week on Pro would be: 11,448,000
Payout for racing 12 laps of 6 days a week on Expert would be: 11,263,896

So for an entire week’s worth of racing that’s only 375,552 more CR that Unbeatable yields over Pro.
While Pro would yield 184,824 CR more than Expert, and Expert would yield 560,376 CR less for the entire week.

So if you don’t mind losing 560,376 for an ENTIRE weeks’ worth of racing, there really is no reason to race Unbeatable
that I can see.

So if you wanted to buy all of the 400+ cars that costs right at 150+ million, then it would take you:

12.7 weeks of racing the above formula on Unbeatable to get all of the cars,
13.10 weeks of racing the above formula on Pro to get all of the cars,
13.31 weeks of racing the above formula on Expert to get all of the cars.

I hope this helped someone looking to do the insane and get every car in the game.
Good luck and I’ll see you at the finish line.

Time to race Goliath now!!!

Thanks for the numbers. So these are the main factors (ignoring exhibition bonus perk and Ford GT HE) :
(time) - it’s most obvious: the longer you race, the more money you get. But that says nothing about the quality of the outcome.
1. difficulty:
I think that’s the main factor. I cranked it up to 80% bonus. The example of my earlier post yielded me 191,666.67cr per lap with an average round time of 9:30min.
Tip: Play it Ford vs. Holden, that’s much easier than an open-to-all race that includes Ultimas. I’m having no problems always placing 1st.
2. Placement:
It’s a wild guess, but I think that placement is the next highest factor.
3. Skills
My personal impression is that skills play a minor role unless you really focus on it. Can a heavy drifter tell us his outcome in credits/min and if it beats 20,175cr/min?

Thanks for crunching those numbers :slight_smile:

Guess I’ve probably got about 10 weeks left just to get the last 24 cars on above average.

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It’s funny, I had been sitting on this question for like 2 weeks before asking, thinking it would be stupid to ask. I’m glad I did, I got some great answers. Thanks everyone!

My only question about the Goliath is who is the bum who made the first and final parts of the race on the beach. Theres a perfectly good road right next to the beach, the beach just makes it bumpy and makes it an AWD biased final stretch, and the jump onto the beach always results in at least one person going into the stupidly placed rocks. The rest of the track is awesome and I love it but I just think that it was a dumb decision because the rest of the race is on tarmac.