Best way to farm credits?

what is the best way to farm credits? i did a 2 lap goliath with a car i really enjoy driving, and it paid like 10k…

i have 8,200 downloads on my paints but it still pays peanuts.

Looking for a decent non-gimmick way to get money

Travel back in time and afk farm for a few days


Can I ask what it is you need credits for exactly? In my experience the credits just come from playing way faster than I could ever spend them. I have never hesitated to buy anything I want in game and still have many millions built up. And no, none of them were from Afk races or farming wheel spins.

Edit: I just did a 1 lap Goliath in rivals, S1, clean lap. I got 30,000 credits from the wheelspin and the race payout was 133,700 credits. Maybe rivals pays out way more than a normal race, I’m not totally sure. However this is WAY more than the 10 k you mentioned above and this is for 1 lap not 2. I hope this helps!

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2 Laps of Goliath used to be about 200k. I think in FH5 it doesn’t tell you how much you got, you have to work it out yourself from how much money you had before you did the race.

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It shows after you’re back in free roam left side of car


Yeah I set up a blueprint using any car class for 3 laps of the goliath with unbeatable and zero Drivatars, takes just under 30 mins in X class FE edition Lambo sesto with all mastery gets 300k credits and about 160k XP and a load of skill points about 40 I think, best not to do AFK as it can go off track a bit on the canyon section, but you can use auto steer and fully assisted brakes so it can be done single handed, with a controller just using the throttle just watch the canyon section like I said. lol

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I do play a fair amount, this is the only game i play. My player level is almost “2nd Star”. I don’t know where all the money goes, maybe I am unlucky with wheelspins. The priciest car I bought was the F50 GT

I am trying to buy a 20M car from the AH, NSX-GT. And both the McLaren F1s if possible

I did another test run yesterday in rival mode and it did pay around 140k, i must have not noticed that before, or something changed in the past couple months