Weekly Trials are horribly designed. Easy fix

The design of trials is honestly blatantly stupid and extremely shortsighted. First of all why on earth are we not ghosted? We have ai when rammed dont move but if we are side swiped we are shunted into the wall with the force of a unimog. On top of that the average driver in this franchise cant drive at all and the one that can are far a few in between so you are constantly rammed by teammates. Second of all the fact that this is FORCED to be coop is Astonishing. Why must i have to rely on the skill of random drivers who are normally yet again trash for something I want? Third and finally can some one explain if we have to face AI why are they unbeatable? Everyone with half a brain knows the ai in this game blatantly cheat regardless of what they are driving so why lock something behind an ai that drives faster than the world record for a a track?

The trial system in this game is a joke honestly, if we were ghosted and not forced to coop against an ai that is so lazily created that they have to add extra power grip and lower their weight beyond what’s possible for players maybe we would have some useful content.

Apparently there’s a common bug where people straight up dont get their reward too? Dev team you have had 3 months to fix your various problems in your game reported since day one. Your not some low end indie devs. This type of garbage and day one bugs without fix or at least progress is unacceptable from a triple a company. GET IT TOGETHER

Yours truly an veteran since Forza Motorsport 2


why is there no ghosting in the co op blistering speed, so far I’ve been shoved off the road and missed check points several times by everyone just beating the hell out of each other and was in 3rd with a few check points to go when I hit a car rolling across the track. I thought the point of ghosting was to stop someone from ruining everyone’s experience.