Weekly Forzathon broken again!

So won 2/3 races did 3rd one and went back to 1/3 and wont go up again. Same happened w/ summer one last week.

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I did 7 races so far and only 1 counted! I still cannot get it…

Turn10/PG seem not to care about the bugs with the Reward System. Also if you complete the “Daily Challange” during Forzathon Live Event you will not get the promised 10/20 FP.

Same here…

its our right greyed out for me atm.

“Earn 10 air skills” not registering for me. On the base A class NSX-R or an upgraded S2.

Same, so I think I’ll pass this.

Worked as it should for me

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Also the same problem here. The Forzathon only counted one race and now stucked at this point. Tried to re-start the game, nothing happened. Hope the fix this instead of increasing the price of the wheelspins.

Had the same issues last Night. Did they Fixed it yet?

Same issue for me and my friend, won numerous sprint races and only counted 1. Stuck until they fix

Guys, for gods sake, use the SEARCH bar before posting your problems again and again… This is already answered with solutions multiple times.

Solution: You have to be in the ONLINE mode and you have to do the missions in the order shown in the event tab. That’s it!

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No point getting stressy, know how it works. Can’t speak for other but myself and friend doing in order and online etc and still broken.
Doing nothing different from registering the 1st win just not registering any more.

Yeah i know not everyone but some people still don’t know this and you can tell by reading some of the posts up there.
Yours might be because the online play is troublesome in the last couple of hours. Connecting online and and being able to stay online during the whole process is the key.

Tried online continuous, rebooted game, console etc…nothing just stopped working. There is nothing I know of from this end i can do now to get past it.

We got that far within 25mins of it starting and been there ever since.

im always in ONLINE sessions so that aint it!

How does this cause the number to move from 2/3 completed to drop to 1/3?

I am also trying to finish the third chapter of the Forzathon, I completed the third race while online, it locked up and now I am down to 1/3 races complete.

I’ve tried to complete a third road race a few times now, and everytime after the race, when I go to the pause menu the game locks up. It doesn’t crash, it just hangs at the pause menu and won’t let me interact.

When I do a reset and get back into the game I can do other content, but road races trying to progress 1 of 3 forzathon, causes a lock-up when going to the pause menu.

I’m stuck on 1/3 AGAIN after it happening during the summer weekly forzathon.

Ive missed out on a lot of Forzathon points :frowning: