[ANSWERED] Forzathon weekly challenge bug

Hello everyone,

my weekly forzathon challenge is bugged I think. I am on the 3rd part, win 3 illegal street races (I Play on german, I dont know the english Name for These races)
My first win counted as a win but now the counter is stuck on 1 / 3. I tried other races, do the same race again, Change my car but Nothing works, it is still on 1 / 3 wins.
Has anybody the same Problem and knows how to fix it? I really wanna complete the Weekly challenge :smiley:


I have the same Problem, using the Escort Barn Find. Tried to do the 25 ultimative Speed Challenge again but didnt work this way either.

Edit: Not sure what changed but the game let me progress and complete the event.

I am having the same problem. I got the “hot property” for owning and driving the vw golf. But i have won 3 street races and nothing, doesnt update. Also did speed zones and nothing aswell. Even changed to another retro hot hatch and did them all again and still nothing.

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Also having this issue, I got the challenge for driving a retro hot hatch but none of the other challenges are tracking even though I have completed/gained progress in them.

I have the same Problem. First tried Honda civic, got the own and drive retro Hot hatch Part. Got 3 Stars in forest Speed zone, but did not count for challenge. Won 3 street races and did not count. Even tried different car acura, which did not work.

Same issue here, have won a race and gotten 3 stars at 1 speed zone in a acura rsx and it is not counting.

I won a Street Scent Event in the MK3 Escort and I’m still a 0/3.

These Forzathon things are always broken when a new game launches, it was the same in Forza 7 last year. Hopefully they’ll sort it out soon.

Same issue here, nothing is counting except “drive super retro hatch” - but 3 stars or other tasks do not work.

Well, make sure that you do weekly Forzathon challenges in order. It’s the only way to complete them.


That did it for me! Thx. I think I even got double forza points^^. I really had to do all challenges in the presented order. First own retro hot hatch, 25 ultimate speed skills, 3 street races, 1 speed zone.

I think this will stump a lot of players coming from FH3

Also make sure you are online. Doing them offline does not count.

Doesn’t work for me… :frowning:

Did everything, did all the previous ones in order, connected to Horizon Life, so i’m obviously online and ok, did new speed zones just to make sure that i have actually EARNED the stars… and nothing. I can’t make this any more legitimate. Also, i don’t know whether i have to earn new stars or i can just go at a speed that i know will get me the three stars even if i have previously done the zone, would make sense, but i made sure to go to previously unvisited zones to do them. And nothing.

I wouldn’t be so worried if there were no good rewards in it. But i’m standing to gain 260FP’s because of my Ultimate edition, the 100x2 for the weekly and the 30x2 for the weekly 7 daily challenges and one weekly. I also spent my entire evening driving a mk2 Golf when i could have driven an Agera or some other supercars.

That was my issue, didn’t think they had to be done in order.

Still having issues with this one. I’ve tried everything in order with different cars, and have restarted the game several times still no luck, tried online and offline, and in a convoy and solo. Starting to think I’m out of options. Currently stuck on 1/3 Street Races after placing first in at least 20 of them.

Me too. Driving a Retro Hot Hatch in Street Scene races is not applying to the challenge.

The “Own and drive a retro hot hatch” challenge is fine. Just the next part isn’t working.

Otherwise, having tons of fun!


“make sure that you do weekly Forzathon challenges in order”. It’s the only way to complete them". I wish I’d known it earlier :smiley: Thank you for this vital information. Hope they change it one day though. Just so to make life a bit easier.