Weekly forzathon bugged

I have it completed but the weekly shows 0/1 as complete anyone else having this issue

Yes. I do have it. Don’t worry and check my recent screenshots I made today :slight_smile:

yet again complete it travel to fortune island then not complete since lego update FIX IT before season end took a big chunk off 100% for this series

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What are you all doing after it’s officially completed, when it show it isn’t?

CRracer I have logged into my other xbox at a different location and synced my data and it wasnt complete even tho I had it complete on my home xbox so I had done it over again am going to try it now using a different car and see if it gets to show 1/1 complete incase its certain car or cars like issues we had doing forzathons in FH3

I agree that it is bugged again. This happened a couple or weeks ago also. Before doing it all again look at the Playlist and see if it is Gold. Also check on the Forzathon page to see if it showing 1/1. Mine both do but the challenge itself is back to showing the red dot on the first challenge and tells me “car not owned”. But it is completed in the playlist.

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Yea it shows as done on playlist this happened me before but it worked fine once I done it again that time but not this time

I completed it thursday, Friday it was listed as incomplete in the forzathon menu, so i did it again, for another 200 points… :slightly_smiling_face:

Heck, I’d do this week’s again for another 200.

I’ve switched between two different X1X, and a PC, but hadn’t experienced this ‘reset’ of the weekly on 4 accounts.

I guess if latothex is having a problem it’s hitting close to home, though he lives ~3 hours away or so. He’s an AMD guy, so I kinda feel it’s a grain of salt type thing.

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The problem I’m having is that I can’t get any of my modern sports cars to go 240 mph in the spring challenge ( the wind in your sails )?

Check the main thread for spring
Plenty of people offering suggestions

If you have the car pass, the 2019 911 Carrera S will do it no problem

There are a lot of posts about that in another thread. I used the TVR Griffith, and the fastest setup in the user garage.

I was able to do it with the 2019 Porsche Carera and a tune. I actually hit 250+

This happened to me twice since I started the game. The second time was a few weeks ago, after working it on Friday everything showed as complete but Sunday morning it showed as complete in the seasonal page only and incomplete in the weekly page. I did the required tasks a second time and nothing changed, still no show on the weekly page.

This happened to me today. It changed back to 0/1 when I changed car to the Abarth convertible. It still shows complete in the Festival Playlist but incomplete in the Forzathon.

I also had it reset upon changing back into a modern sports car.

When booting the game, the challenge still showed as being completed in the festival playlist, but on the Forzathon page, it showed the challenge card as not being completed. The stat was still 1/1 though.

After getting into a modern sports car, the game completed the first part of the challenge again, resetting the stat to 0/1. After completing the rest, the challenge card now says it’s completed, but the stat is still 0/1.

As an addendum to my earlier post (and absolutely not sure if this matters at all) but the first time this happened in March I noticed after I moved the one-x from a 4k display to an older 1080 TV. The second time a few weeks ago, I noticed it after returning from Fortune Island, where I had not been for several weeks.

Now that I went to Fortune Island, the weekly challenge reset again, and now shows the autumn challenge instead (Stuggart’s Heraldry).

This is starting to give Bethesda a run for its money.

Stuggart’s Heraldry was the one that broke on me when I came back from Fortune Island.
Hmmmmm …