Weekly challenges - thanks, content creators!

Thanks to the content creators for recently giving us some weekly challenges - D 500’s, B 700’s, etc. - for normal people, casual players, who aren’t elite S2 998 racers. Usually I don’t even bother trying those S2 998 challenges, but once in a while I’ll give one of them a try and then just quit it in frustration after three or four unsuccessful runs. I don’t come here because I enjoy being frustrated, but to have fun. Those lower-level requirement make the challenges fairly easily doable, and even fun. I’m sometimes surprising myself by completing them on the first try.

I don’t expect them all to be that way - the elites need to have fun with their 998’s too, that’s where bragging rights come from after all - but it’s been a nice change for a while.

So, once again, thanks.


Nice positive vibes! You should probably fill out the post season survey when it drops! I’m sure they’d love to hear some positive feedback.

I too have been enjoying the low level build challenges. They actually had a lot of them when it launched but then people said it was too hard, and then they went to being almost exclusively like FH4 where nearly everything was always S2 998.