Week in Review 7/11/14

The new edition of the Week in Review is live. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Congrats to all the photo winners this week. LOVE the shot of the Ford F-100 from SweedishThunder. For a second there, that wood paneling on the back completely had me fooled.

We are livestreaming today beginning at 3 p.m. Pacific. Join us, won’t you?

Watching the ring video confirmed something i’ve felt for a long time,the car audio sounds the best in FM4. FM5 justs sounds more muted compared to the raw sound of FM4,just my OP.

Just wanted to say another great write up Mech!! I don’t have FM5, but still read the WIR every week.

The ring Video review was great.
Too bad only FM1 and FM2 have the Tach and Speedometer in the center of the windshield in Bumper view.
This allows the driver to keep his eyes on the road and not glancing off to the right to see the Tach for shifting.

The Tire sounds is a lot better in Forza 1.
I liked the rotating map at the top left on Forza 1.

These are a few things, out of too many to mention here, that discourage me from getting Forza 5
Happy racing everyone!

Tactical Achievement Hunter (There’s another T-shirt slogan)

If playing Forza 5 to its maximum, one has to have a strategy to build rewards to earn achievements and badges. And you, Mechberg, have stated it more eloquently than I could. I made and monitored a list of all achievements and the major badges. “Xbox Snap Achievements” makes tracking very easy especially with the ability to rank your favorites at the top of the list.

Currently, there is an “On the Horizon” challenge to drive 500 miles in a Lamborghini by August 4th. Luckily, the July Rivals have a few events where a Lamborghini can be used. Complete some rival events and earn another badge.

I recently completed the “Speed Medal” using the Ford F-100 American Street Muscle in D-Class. Had gtFOOTw’s open-source tune that made those zippy Minis ache with envy. About halfway through the challenge, I discovered the explanation is misleading because it takes “20 ‘GOLD’ Medals” to win the challenge.

Additionally, Brian, I was very pleased that in the July 3rd WIR you chose my VIP Car Photo as one of your favorites. Thank you for the recognition.

2009 BMW M3 GT2
by Bad_River, on Flickr