Week in Review 2/21/14

Road America has arrived! Recap the rest of the week that was in the latest edition of the Week in Review.

To everyone who made a Valentine in last week’s WIR thread, thank you! Amazing work all around. I’ll be gifting out something to each of you in FM5 soon.


Great read of the WIR! I was hoping to take part in the first community bounty hunter of FM5, but it looks like I’ll miss out on it, due to my XB1 order being cancelled for some idiotic reason! The Zoo Tycoon VIP car looks amazing, nicely done Robin! As for the ride choice, I’ll suggest the '09 Corvette ZR1 only because of what happened at the Corvette museum last week and one of the cars damaged was the “Blue Devil” ZR1, also it has a LS engine :wink:

Nice WiR, i like the Road America. I did not have FM5 but i like the Zoo Tycoon style car

Unicorn: FM 4: 2002 MINE?S R34 Skyline GT-R

It’s great to have Road America in the 5 Opus and I play old’ Forza 4, 3, 2 and I see the good work Turn 10 Studio is doing . well done.

thanks turn10 for realizing and investigating the career problem after update. hopefully there will be a fix pretty soon so i can complete career. hopefully we can see more track updates in the near future. please bring back fujumi kaido!!!

Thank you T10 for Road America and the new VIP car. The car looks really amazing and just fun to drive around and admire the artwork on it. As for Road America, I honestly think this has to be the best looking track in the game from a visual point of view thus far. I can really tell T10 spent a lot of time developing this track and it really shows. And with the addition of the alternate routes, that’s just such a bonus. Keep up the great work guys!

I also submitted my opinion about the next car you should drive Brian in your show and tell thread. Cheers!

GT: SlimyTurt1e
FM5 credits

Oh my godddd seeing those photos make me want to buy an xbox 1 so bad, the picture on forza 5 is incredible that Zoo tycoon car looks amazing to the graphic are so crisp in fm5, i wish they had it for xbox 360! But anyways i enjoyed reading the post i think the pictures caught my eye the most.
(also thank you guys at turn 10 very much for the cars youve sent me i always love seeing the gift icon pop up when i get one fm4)

Gt: oSkyHigh
Fm4: Nissan MINE’S R32

Road America is my favorite track to race on. The multitude of turn types and long straights make it a blast to drive. Thanks Turn 10!

It’s been a good week, with the arrival of the Road America tracks which I’ve been ‘lapping’ up (groan) and then that stunning Focus in my inbox. Great work, Robin! It soon notched me up a time in Time Attack . . . !!

What?! Chance to win an XBox One? I’ve only been fawning over FM5 since release. Odds aren’t in my favor, but I still like seeing developments in FM5…for when I do eventually get it. I’m still hooked on FM4, and loving it though. Can’t wait to experience Road America in a different way than I have for the last five years.

Until next WiR, take care. Meet me in the lobbies sometime.


That Zoo Tycoon car is unreal. Hopefully you can do a few more in the same style. That could be a huge bonus for players.

GT: poppunknerd182
FM4 Unicorn: 2007 Lamborghini Murciélago LP640

Thank you much and keep up the great work!

Zoo tycoon car is beautifull, good job to the painter, I hope to quickly acquire the Xbox one ^^

GT: Li1bet
FM4:2004 Top Secret Silvia D1-Spec S15

Love the new road america track and the zoo tycoon car. Enjoying the road america rivals as well. Would love to see a titanfall livery, loved the demo.

GT: shade71
FM5 credits

Nice track for race or drifting

Fm4 unicorn: 2005 honda nsx-r gt

Not hunting for the r34 mine skyline i reseve 2 from this car one is enough
Sorry for bad englisch

Thanks for Updating us with this weeks WIR.

I am hooked on the RUF RT 12s and would recommend it for an A class car.

GT: Fireproofgfx
FM5: Credits

I can’t wait to see how the Road America track works out!

Hopefully I will be able to see some neat footage from the community soon!

GT: TheNewPlan
Unicorn (FM4): 2002 BMW M3-GTR “Street Version”

Wish i had the xbox 1 so i could see for mysel. I still like to keep up on the f5 forum so that i am ready when i get the xbox 1. thanks for the info … f4 hks time attack evo…