Week in Review 3/21/14

This Week in Review has been brought to you by a wanted man. As my not-yet-two-year-old son says, “READ IT!”

Great read of the WIR, Mech! So far I’ve got you by almost a second but I still got room to improve since I now got SPA finally figured out! Your broadcast was very entertaining to watch, I almost thought you were going to throw in the towel when you wrecked on lap 13. As for the Thrustmaster contest, I entered in it; I figured if my luck is once again strong (before the unfortunate events of the last 7 months), I might have a chance in the drawing of the grand prize!

Well I managed to best your time this morning by less than a tenth. I hope that you really don’t have a 31 in you, because I don’t think I have the patience in me to do a 31. I think I could muster it up, but I really don’t want to if I don’t have to. With that said, you’re making this a real challenge and even though I hate the car, it’s a good challenge. Keep it up! Signing off with my new name, Ukko Lampi. It means the god of weather of thunder and pond.

GT: SlimyTurt1e
FM5 Credits

What a challenge Mech! I didn’t managed to beat Alex on the first one, and I’m sweating blood trying to beat you here…in FM4 bounties were a child’s game, this is now a serious thing. I suppose many people managed it with a controller, so I’ll keep trying 'till the very last second. The McLaren demands precision, and it shows…

GT: JorgePinto
Car: Mazda MX-5 Superlight (Horizon)

Nice read. Somehow your video won’t stream for me very well, a few seconds and it keeps loading and loading…
But the Sebring Video is very nice.

I couldn’t decide how I write my name in finish, so I got me some options. My Name is Otso Joutsen, but if I add my second name to it, I will be Tapio Joutsen, maybe I will put it together Tapio Otso Joutsen :slight_smile:
Really funny is when I use DeCLouie: that would be Väinämö Kettunen (Väinämö — The poet and wise man in the Finnish epic Kalevala; Kettunen — Foxy)

Looks like I’m in the market for an Xbox one if this is anything to go by.
Not sure when this will be, But am going to be saving like mad.

GT miniw76
FH Dino 246 GT

Great read.
I am still ahead of you for now if you say your looking at a 2.31 I must push more with my new Finnish name of Tuisku Kotiranta I will sure be faster

I live in Hungary as I was busy collecting the money in September and the first appearance Xbox One day buy for Forza 5

GT: hun SMaSh
Unicorn Car Forza Motorsoprt 4: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe