We hope anyone can use the voice-subtitle combination they want

First, let me say that I am Korean, and my English is not good. Thank you for your understanding.

When I bought Forza Horizon 5 in the past, it was ‘English voice’ and ‘Korean subtitles’, but now the voice and subtitles are forcibly fixed. If I select Korean, Korean audio and Korean subtitles are displayed, and if I select English, English audio and English subtitles are displayed. Even if I don’t understand the languages, each voice has its own charm. Where are the Mexicans in the game? Americans? British people? Why do they all use only standard Korean pronunciation? They are no longer attractive.

Even if I couldn’t understand those voices, I could fully understand them with subtitles. I don’t want a Korean voice. Because the characters are not Korean. For a foreigner to speak Korean fluently, it sounds too foreign to me. I can’t concentrate on the game.

Are there people who prefer the combination of Korean voice and Korean subtitles? We understand those people. Don’t take the option away from them. And we want to be understood. So, give us the option back.
We would appreciate it if you could let us choose Korean subtitles and English voice. We hope that anyone can use the voice-subtitle combination they want.

Again, to avoid misunderstanding, the problem is not that the translation is missing or that the translation is wrong. The problem is that users cannot select audio and text separately.

Thanks for reading my post.