WARCRYFIN Back in business and preparing for Forza 6 (Fire Rock Holden Teaser)

Hello guys!

It’s been a long time since I have posted on the forums. I never managed to get Xbox One even though I had Forza 5 sitting on my shelf for a year or so. But now I finally got the console and I am back in business. I won’t be posting much here since I am preparing for Forza 6 and trying to get some designs done before the game is released.

Mind you that I have not abandoned Forza during this time of forum silence though. I have been painting in Forza 4 all the time and moving up to forza 5 now has been quite a blast with so many layers to use. But seems like more the layers, the more you also use them :smiley:

It is great to be back here indeed and I hope I can dedicate enough time to painting to have many designs ready for Forza 6. The designs showed here won’t be available in Forza 5 and will be ported over to Forza 6 for download. I hope you guys like the stuff and appreciate comments.

Enough talking, time for pictures. Been playing around with Forza 5 editor a bit now and then during the week and came up with first proper design as well. This will be the first paint in the series of V8 super cars that I am going to paint.

2013 Team Kona Holden Commodore V8 original design

More to come!


Nice work, glad to see your back posting your paints

Awesome painter returns happy see you back in forzaland.Your new paint looks real good hope we see more…

Welcome back and what a way to resurface. Awesome looking paint mate! Keep up the great work.

lol,yes teemu

looks great bro
see/here you next :slight_smile:


Welcome back warcry,great to see more painters coming back look forward to seeing your work again :wink:

Nice to see you´re back! Your designs have been sorely missed in F5 :stuck_out_tongue:

great to see you back… still fan since FM 4’s Pagani,Volvo,…

and also great to see VOLKER is still alive,greets to vienna… :wink:

Its really good to see you back in FM Teemu, missed your fantasy race designs racing around the track

@Volker @ Motor. you guys better be back as well!