[RACE] warcryFIN's Original Race designs (UPDATE Nov 8th V8 Flambeau Volvo done and SHARED p. 3)

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my gallery of race designs. Here is some short info about me first:

Name: Teemu
Gamertag: warcyFIN
Country: Finland
Interests: Motorsports, Cars, Bikes, General sports

I have been involved in the Forza community since 2007, time sure does fly. I started painting in Forza 2, sort of missed out on Forza 5 due to not having Xbox One but now I am back in the game. I mostly concentrate on painting original race designs, with attention to detail and believability being the number one thing for me. Backround work is essential for every design I start, with carefully picked sponsors and base design, not forgetting the recommendations and limitations that the series the design is meant for sets. I had the honor of visiting Turn 10 Studios myself to pretest Forza 5 in 2013 and I hope I can continue giving back the community everything that Turn 10 and Forza has given to me during these 8 or so years.

But enough talk, time for designs. All designs will be listed here on the first post, with more photos of each design on separate posts.


#83 BTCC 2015 Costa Racing Avensis Original design SHARED

#33 Pirelli World Challenge 2015 Landmark Racing Audi R8 LMS Ultra Original race design SHARED

2015 Group F BMW M3 Vianor original design SHARED

1991 Daytona 24h Nissan Florida Nissan IMSA GTU original race design SHARED

2015 Flambeau Coates Hire Volvo S60 V8 Supercar original design SHARED


Well its safe to say you hit the ground running Teemu, great start and love the sponsor choices!


teemu bro

like that car very!color and balance are great!

so now wait for the audi,lol

many greetz-volker

ps:check out the golden thing :)))

Thanks AB and Volker!

Now about that Audi… maybe I give a small WIP teaser…

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lol teemu

thats the right answere,lol



Good lookin stuff, very crisp

Nice to see you back in the paintbooth Teemu, love the designs so far, same great eye for details and the same style I remember you for :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, the Audi is coming together and should be done by weekend.

Also Morten, nice to see you back in here, really looking forward to what you come up with in Forza 6 :slight_smile:

Love the Audi so far warcry

That Audi, is stunning


+1 …apart from the AB bit … cause Im not

Nicely done. I saw this in this week’s contest thread and it looks like you, AB and the Hatsune Miku paint will get picks.

Two must have paints, stunning work as alway


^^^Ditto what he said one word WOW…

WOW! Just some truly amazing stuff in here mate, keep up the great work. Meanwhile I’m gonna download that R8, the Iwo Jima scene is incredible!

Both looks brilliant mate :smiley:
Have you thought about bringing back the Andromeda Aston Martin? That was epic :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback on Audi, I can happily tell now that it is finished and shared :slight_smile: Pictures follow. I was also happy to find out that the Costa Avensis got a Turn 10 pick. Thank to everyone who has downloaded it so far :slight_smile:

@Motor: Hmm there might be a chance I’ll put together an updated version of the Andromeda car, that was so nice to paint really :slight_smile:

Now here is the finished Audi.

#33 Pirelli World Challenge 2015 Landmark Racing Audi R8 LMS Ultra Original race design

stunning, superb work Teemu, just off to buy an R8 LMS and this paint :slight_smile:

That R8 is simply stunning Teemu, love it! Have to get me that one once I buy the R8 :slight_smile:

Buying an R8 for this…I’m speechless.