[RACE] EpicEvan777 Paints

Hi guys! This is my first time ever sharing my designs in this forum before and I hope you all like them. I painted a lot in previous Forza’s but since forza 5 I’ve hardly painted at all but I’m hoping to make a comeback in forza 6. I mainly paint race cars and right now I’m focusing on F1 paints.

My first is the 2015 Mercedes W06 Hybrid from the Singapore GP. I hope you guys like it.

Hope you guys like it. Any feedback would be really appreciated!

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Looking good mate, especially for just getting back into the business. I’m liking what I’m seeing and I can’t wait to see whats next.

Thanks man! Probably the Ferrari SF15-T next!

Sounds good mate! Can’t wait!

We all gotta start somewhere looking good so far

Thanks man!